Team suggestions?

Hello, i started a new HI account and i am only in the desert. What would be a good team i can use that far in the game? Lets consider i would farm for any ark in my reach. I already have fireheart, voltiger, stegotops, georex, raptorex, leviathan, sizzler, cherubion (2 of them), Frostjack (x2), Hydrowyrm, leafwing, ashwing, Brakion, Nilon, and a blizzard. Everything else i have is pretty valueless and weak, that i would easily replace with a better offer. I am already pretty good at hi, but would like any input, or maybe a ark i missed that is pretty good

try to get a luxknight , pyroviper, angelon , or farm online mission ark. 

I know, i have them on my main account but I dont have recipe quite yet… That is why i farmed cherubs, and frostjacks :slight_smile:

Get Birdy/Archeonis and Lavaraptor/Vulcaraptor! They will take you far. I also like Twiggy/Twigster, as for as the skills go. Clubby/Bouldon is also a good starter, despite being common. 

EDIT: Bladeshark/Sabreshark, Seedtooth/Leaftooth/Shrubtooth, Jabby/Jabbit, Smokepup/Firewolf/Beowolf, and Skullwraith are also good starters.


Get a few of them.

Ah yes, the halopards. I need space fillers and those will do well for filling. And thanks kook, i caught 2 birdies and a S rank lavaraptor :smiley: and a jabbit, for temp. Since they do have a very fast AoE, which is great combined with haste