starter monster

Hello, I have just downloaded Hunter and luckly get 5000 coins from starter fever. I used all of them for eggs. And get these monster: 4 tinders (3S1A), 1 iceratops (A), 2 cherubs (1A1B), 1 starter Brakie C, 1 penguini C, 1 flamorider ©, 1 miniceros (A), 1 Pirex C, 2 nitrobirds (1C1B), 1 wooly B, 1 raijoh A, 1 wizpuz C, 1 minoblast B -10 star one. So which one of them are good and need to leveling for late game?

Iceratops is good from what i remember and don’t use cherubs because they are used in powerful fusions later on flamorider is good early game but not so good later brakie and penguini both evolve into 8.5 stars which is good but thats all i can remember and anyone correct me if I’m wrong