I made a crappy buff thread make canishogun great again

We should partially revert the nerf to canishogun. Change underdog back to 70tu and/or lower it’s cost to 15. Now many of you are probably thinking, “why the hell should we buff canishogun, you just want to aoe spam people again?” I would like to apologize to anyone still suffering from cani aoe ptsd, but several months after the fateful balance patch, it is clear that cani aoe can’t hurt u anymore.
that job falls to gallio FLs

oh wait midway through writing this post I got another idea. how about we give underdog a tu restriction and make it either instant or very fast like 20, 30, or 50 to. That would be cool too and then it can stay 16 cost.

Edit: what if they made it an instant skill but reduced the buff to 100%?

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Sorry bro but i think he still good


I’d still nerf Flame Eater into Counter Strike. A monster with that high speed, utility and stun converter doesn’t need the extra punishment on Fire monsters.

he is very perfect without sercet skill

Oh nice a team turn coming the way.


SHOTS FIRED :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: