Good Game Devs, GG

Anyone else here find it a bit hilariously insulting that Canishogun is finally featured in an egg again IMMEDIATELY after its nerf??? Lol I’m kinda laughing because its like the Devs giving a big middle finger to anyone who has been hoping to use pull Canishogun and make use of it to jot only nerf it to hell but then immediately feature it in an egg.


In fact we have postponed Canishogun’s release because the skill changes in the previous update.
We still believe it is better to let players decide if they like it or not after the change applied.


I :heart: My +9 Canishogun even after the changes.

Didn’t use underdog because that was a lame strategy anyway, like this post if you agree with me @Dev_VKC

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I’m waiting to see if he is going the post or not


Yeah, I gotta agree with @Dev_VKC on this one. It was a good move to feature after the nerf.

I would be furious if I rolled for a legend then it got nerfed straight after. It was actually courteous of them to do that.

After the first nerf against cani, i hate the devs for that.

Because i spend 400 gems on the Event.

I dont get angelion, the frog-samurai (forgot the Name) or the scorpion.

The only one was cani,
that was my only powerful legandary to this time, I bring him fast to +9.

Than after a few weeks they spread his legs and give him hard.
Double counter strike Was gone

And now my cani is a hole of shitty.

I found we have nerf some othe Monster earliar then cani again and again and again.

Centaurion need a nerf
Magga need a nerf
Lemon need a nerf
Bastia :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:… You could nerf Bastia 5 Times… The titti queen is to strong at all.
The crocodile Walter Monster need a nerf

Every strong Monster got a nerf, but only this Monster that the “HERE TAKE MY MONEY” Player dont have.

If all the money Player have a special super strong Monster,
they dont talk about such nerf about this Monsters.

I think if the devs create a Monster the should let them run without nerf him.
That Was a possibility that they should think about a little bit more about a New Monster before they let them run to buy him.

They let buy the players a lot of gems for tooooo much money and when the money is gone and you get the Monsters you want so much.

They kick your face and nerf this Monsters
and then you become 2 free gems for excuses :joy:

Sorry for my Bad english I hope you understand a little bit what I try to say.

Peace everywhere :hugs::upside_down_face:


@Dev_VKC I truly do appreciate you replying to this post and I get where you are coming from, and dont take this the wrong way as it’s not solely directed at you, but why is it that I see devs (including yourself) responding to other posts regularly but never to any posts complaining about the blatantly pornagraphoc material being featured on the new Mythics? In fact I really dont think I’ve ever seen one of you guys respond to one of those posts, whether to agree or disagree with it or defend your points or have any say towards what we are thinking on the matter.

This comment is not meant in any derogatory or belligerent way and I’d appreciate if it were not deleted (I will screenshot and save it anyways just in case) but this is honestly unacceptable. This games rating does NOT reflect the material being released since the advent of the “Goddesses” and it is ruining the art direction of a game I otherwise completely adore. The art on the new Legendary monster designs are beautiful, Nautilus for example is beautifully designed and detailed but its move pool is garbage. The new Tiger Legend you released, another very very cool looking design, is trash for both PvE and PvP. The Goddesses placed behind a paywall in a game rated 7 (or 9?) Years of age and up meant to entice these youngsters to use mommy and daddy’s wallet to pay for what amounts to ■■■■ is unacceptable and needs to be addressed.

However you want to respond to this is completely up to you, like I said it’s not meant to be attacking you in any way, but I would like any form of response whatsoever, even an “ok” to show that you are reading posts like this would at least reassure myself and the entire community that we are least being heard. Whether we are being listened to is an entirely different matter.

Thanks for your time.


I’m very sure cani is still a top tier .

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The weakening of cani is a good move in the long run. I saw more types of pvp starters in this pvp than before.

I think, too… But only if you use low Star Monsters… And if you use low Star Monsters there take the place for good high Star Monsters.

And cani is so easy to kill every Times up killer can finish him in the first turn the defense of him is a joke.
And if you build a Team arround cani with low Level protectors and cani will die fast, you can give up.

If you dont have good legends cani is a good choice to build a good Team with low Level Monsters arround him.

From the beginning Form without nerf (100%)

To the Form from today its still 25% :man_shrugging:

Because BRD and I are here to check/fix bugs, gather events and monster skills feedbacks in order to improve gameplay experience.

Therefore, I am afraid we couldn’t find the best answer for those questions. One thing we are sure is that we will never stop making monsters because of those girl monster designs (that I have mentioned in the other thread while ago). They are bonus monsters on top of our original schedule.

I hope you would understand, and let us stay on this topic.


Lol they had to feature canishogun at some point it had been eight months. How insulted would you have been if they featured it a week before they nerfed it?

Its good that your taken feedback from the community but the way it is done made me quit the game.

All i see was just pile of people hating on something that they find difficult to beat and call out nerf threads instead of trying to improve their team by playing around it. Many players spend months saving and buying from the shop in the hopes of getting a top tier legendary only for some people who failed to obtain it to go and rant on the fourms calling out nerfs.

Cani was one of the worst legendaries in my opinion high tu and its was basically a one trick legendary where you had to play him along side epics and uneloved super epics outside of this category he wasnt much, his summon was annoying when you paired him with dusc but as i recently learned that he got nerfed too and is no longer playable with protectors so why double nerf to cani, you just made him unusable in both his play style.

Its okay to nerf a legendary if this was not intended but giving him another direction to be played is important.

And im sure cani teams didn’t have that surprising winrate that required nerfs it was just people hating to face it.

Now think about those people who spent months of grind to get 9 pots and spent on cani just for it to be unusable. Im sure there could be a way take back your pots from nerfed monsters.

Not gonna talk about those who spent money on the eggs aswell


I don’t understand why people are so offended by cani nerf.

It still has flame eater , obviously double counter strike was too much .
It still has bloodthirst
It still has retribution .
It still has its passives .
And goldoids respawn rate too obviously needed to be lowered .

Cani is for sure a top tier legendary .

Also there is no point in arguing if someone spent months grinding for one particular legendary and it gets nerfed. If you are smart , you should anticipate that particular legendary will get targeted eventually cos u know it’s op and thats why u “spent months” grinding for it .

To be fair , not just u , but everyone spends months grinding too.

Also I can’t help but chuckle at people who say everyone must adapt and find ways to deal with problematic legendaries . Maybe you guys should accept and "find ways " to deal with the nerf .

Although potion argument made by Morgan is valid , perhaps giving us back 3 potions on a nerfed +9 legendary could be a nice gesture .

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That would be fair.

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I just love the way you said that; “don’t bother investing in a top tier legend, cause it’s going to get nerfed sooner or later.”

To be fair, he isn’t wrong. So many of these nerf threads come up because a player lost to whatever it is they’re complaining about.


It is necessary to put forward the idea of ​​nerf at any time.because the excessively powerful monsters will lead to the monotony of the game. Of course.I prefer strengthen the monsters. such as the raizen this time.

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Its okay to nerf monsters but nerfing every aspect of the monster without given it a direction is horrible.

Cani had literally three proposes to punish fire monsters to summon annoying protectors to help epics

Those three all got nerfed.

Same with gyo when he got nerfed,

He had 2 playstyles OoO/ link water

Both play styles got nerfed. OoO is no longer possible.

If you gonna nerf a monster in one aspect of his play style its better to buff him in other aspects


Gyo still has it’s traits but i think over time when more awakened mythics are around it’s gonna be useless because it won’t deal enough damage to make a difference

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I propose to redesign cani~ honestly.high speed aoe shouldn’t exist from the beginning