I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 3)

Yeah, because def boosts give your high speed monsters a way to kill anything with no proper targets and with 0 charges :man_facepalming:

i just met a pusi myst spammer in 2024. PH Admiral get with the times my guy. XD.

1 win in 15 games. my return to pvp has gone well. Admittedly im trying to use a link earth throw team. saying that - this is my first attempt at the new league system and its ridiculous. i have no idea how newer players will stand a chance at all.

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Donrilla failed to kill lithia with charge move and here hushin is killing her just with uncharged atk. This is ridiculous.

If zephyramus is going to shoot a dream finisher at a monster without dream killer weaknesses and kill them both, unless he has a double power cut, it would be more reasonable, in my opinion it makes no sense for him to double shoot what he Whatever it is without needing any weakness and with 72 speed, it makes no sense

It’s not supposed to make sense. Zephy get’s double piercing kill anything as long as you have 3 SE or lower level monsters on the field and if all the SEs or lower gets removed from the field, he then becomes a situational double killer.

I don’t know why people keep making this argument against Zephy like this is obviously meant to happen. Just because a move says something doesn’t mean it’s only used for that.

You can however argue that it is too strong that it can do that at high speed but it’s an awakened mythic and an alternate FL to Nyx or Fast mythic spam FL.

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Then change name from dream eater to kill anything.


Read what I said again please

It’s the benefit for running no other mythics or multiple SEs and below. Seems like a totally fair advantage, especially when facing down a team of awakened mythics.

Coltraz’s screenshot is a bit misleading. Lilithia has 5012 HP and the attack dealt less than that. Presumably Hu Shin did instant true hit first in order to do enough overall.


Nah, I will never stop complaining about 0-charged bloodthirst and skills targeting two wrong targets doing thousands in damage.

My newer acc has win rate of over 60% maybe the game’s making you face only very high lvl players

What about facing against average people playing with legendary!

Been very busy lately, played enough to get the rewards.
That FL works good against some Nyx users with stun absorber in FL :rofl:


Piola esta el equipo ;-;

Then it’s maybe a stronger lineup, like most FLs with mythics can be. I would’ve thought most players who like to complain about getting beaten by players with many more mythics would be happy about there being a mythic like Zephyramus which can create a strong setup without needing a bunch of other mythics / particular legendaries. It’s a much more F2P-friendly mythic, like F.D. Maeve

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No u r wrong. I am f2p but don’t like that new goat mythic and so for others. The thing u said sounds only good in paper but in real it’s :face_vomiting:

Ggs @cantera tough fight :handshake:

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It’s all about the type of team and the matchups. Sometimes I face teams that don’t even let me attack once, but then I make some adjustments to be strong against those teams, and I encounter a completely different one that also counters me. This happens to me up to 4 times in a row


Don’t try to against specific teams because you don’t know which team you will face. Make a general team that can face any type of team

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