I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 2)

Alright, makes more sense

Lol stun Mon in no stun rule

Its the work of the fd queen haha

Gg laxus this is brilliant


Lol this guy was bming so hard yet he still lost and I BMed him for like half an hour


So you sank down to his level.


What is BM? Is that’s the same as disconnecting

All kinds of bad mannering. Waiting until the timer goes down to make a move every time, purposefully leaving the last enemy alive indefinitely, stalling the enemy when you’re in a clear winning situation (more generally)… stuff that makes me wish there was an in-game chat during PvP

Oh ok I have had that happened to me a few times

My toxicity is beyond control


i suggested this in 2017 i think, no news yet lol

You must never played don team. If he would change one monster his team would be OP

Yes of course, I’m completely ignorant and have never beaten or even met DonT’s team :crazy_face:

To be clear, there’s no way I’d be speaking the way I was if I’d never met DonT’s team. If I hadn’t then I’d firstly be asking him what he ran and secondly making it clear when I’m talking theoretically (and similar).

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Right now my old team is not OP, that FL still works but I need a better midgame

If you change two monster in ur FL it would be OP

If I change two monsters in my FL is not anymore my FL :joy:

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If I changed 4 monsters in my FL it would be the best FL

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I feel like that about every FL I make

GG @LemonSqueezy

Lmfao full out camo onslaught haha

Great team man! That’s been the hardest game today by far! I didn’t realise Vulca was charged. Thought he was Camo locked and then he came flying at me with a bloodthirst :joy::joy:

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Lmfao haha I was surprised myself

Thanks for the match maite