Share your PvP team and win rate


Hey everyone, do tell me if this is a terrible idea but…

With the addition on “win rate” being added as a stat it’s got me very interested in how teams are doing in PvP right now. We talk a lot about broken combos or how good/bad some things are but we don’t have much core data showing just how successful strategies are. What I was hoping in this thread is that perhaps some people would be willing to share a screenshot of their team and the win rate they’ve been having with it. This way we can have a look at what’s doing really well in the meta right now and what isn’t.

Now obviously a lot of the win success also comes down to careful play in the matches. I also know that lots of people don’t like to share their strategies for the sake of being copied. Additionally, I don’t want this to be a place for bragging… just somewhere to take a look at team building success/failure. I hope that enough of you are willing to participate.

A couple of notes:

  • Please share screenshots rather than quoting the results, to maintain accuracy and stop trolling.
  • Please only share if you’ve got 20+ wins, so that it’s from a good sample size.
  • Please only share if you’ve been using basically the same team the whole PvP season.
  • If there are particular parts of your team doing well/badly then would be good to note that.

If any of you want to throw out some quotes of “I was using this team [screenshot] and had roughly XX% win rate, then switched to this team [screenshot] and my win rate has been roughly XX%” then that’s good too. However, better to share as I said above if possible.

To start it off here’s the team I’ve been using this PvP and the win rate:

With the drop in the use of Gyomurai and Delugazar front lines in this PvP, I’ve had much better luck not getting countered right at the start. Also, Zeuswyrm in 5th position has been doing wonders to take out stun absorbers or for getting RNG luck and stunning a key player in the enemy team (note: lightning entrance doesn’t get blocked by protectors). I’ve also been able to abuse all the twin killers and robinators people have been using in the front line this PvP season (to tackle things like Nereida) by simply leaving them alive the whole match and making it a 4v2.

The general strategy of my team is insane stun converter stuff going on at the front with a heavily protected Cyclozar sweeping every 60TU as well. Then going into detox and ending with some of the best PvP monsters around. I’d attribute this win rate mostly to the stun converter monsters along with the flexibility of the team. It’s able to adapt very nicely throughout the match depending on what is left on the field.

The matches I’ve been losing have pretty much been where they’ve stunned my mid-game by removing/killing Freezecobra and Mechaviathan.


A question for you. If you use caniblaze , Zeus enter field . If your opponent have Degula +9 . which monster takes turn first ? DEGULA OR Zeus. Because I’m afraid that Degula will kill Angelion or Tyrogon


Both Delugazar and Gyomurai are pretty hard counters to my front line. However, Zeuswyrm can stun them on entry if I’ve removed their stun protection with Cyclozar (rare, but sometimes happens if they’re running Angelion). Zeuswyrm does get a turn just before any TT they have in the front line so it can often kill a Mechaviathan with timestrike double.

I noted above: “With the drop in the use of Gyomurai and Delugazar front lines in this PvP, I’ve had much better luck not getting countered right at the start”. In past PvP events I was getting countered by these monsters a fair bit.


Nice team
But how is your cyc is heavily guard when there isnt a protector on sight?


Your team is very strong and very good. But I think Chromera can counter your team


Protected from stun. That’s the most important thing for Cyclozar because it needs to keep getting turns regularly. It’s not weak to any killer move so as long as I keep killing things it’s unlikely to get taken out easily. Most of the opponent’s focus goes on the stun converter monsters anyway, so it regularly survives until late on in the match.

Oh yeah, for sure! People have generally been putting Chromera further back in their teams… 8th position onwards (like mine haha)… which has helped prevent my FL strategy from being obstructed too much. The thing is, while Chromera can come in and critical attack something it isn’t too much of an issue. If it hits Angelion that’s not 100% kill, if it hits Tygoron then they take a stun revenge and if it hits Valzareign it might be the case the shield is still there. Even if it gets a clean kill then I can often kill the Chromera before it gets another turn, so it’s not much of a hard counter.

As better chrono killer monsters come to the game this team will definitely have that as a weakness. 9/16 monsters are weak to chrono killer!

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My win rate is about 52% total. But that’s because of a few bad experiments. For my main team (stun) it’s about 70% or so. I cba to post it but you’ve probably seen it in line chat. Its incredible how few protect property (or at all) against stun. And then there’s the stun counter lion teams. Instant loss. But for the most part, stun is fine


I’m not on line :wink: Would be great if you could post the stun team for us to see here!


Well, I won’t share my team. But can say
About win % & rp
71% & 128k rp with 200+ wins


Haha you’re missing the point of the thread :wink:

Good luck getting 150k RP anyway.

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I may post my team after the tournament lol. I’m hardly a competitive or competent player but I wouldn’t want to give anyone ideas.


Well it’s a stun fl. Not full team. But I gets the job done.

Zeus is brutal.


My only complaint is stun bomb curse is way too long for all it does and it doesn’t even cancel revenge like Titan bomb curse


Because it only kills 1 monsters and stuns the rest. Titans bomb doesn’t cancel 4/4 revenge. The one that has the bomb placed on still has revenge so that’s why it’s wise to put it on hg monster without revenge


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: That’s definitely a stun front and got Raizen in there too. Have you had much luck with the sun and moon combo?


I cant wait to see all the Nerida Abyss troll teams!
I mean…
They are so different…really!!!.. some with…aegis…with Cobra…Saber…titan…so great!


Yeah that’s one of the things I really wanted to see… how well those Nereida teams have been doing this PvP.


Personally im zero percent. I almost took down @LightGM but he also running magma and penguin so it was a little too much BS for me to overcome. Literally lost 13 of my team to those 3 alone. Got him down to his last 3 but losing 7 at the start was too much to overcome.



I run a new team every time i lose so not gone post a screenshot but my win % is 74

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Since everyone’s sharing their PvP teams, I figured it’s about time to show off my lovely poison-team.

I bet your were expecting Nere-byss, weren’t you? And as for my PvP results…

Yeah, my points are rather piddly.