I don't find any rare arks anymore... :( Why?!

Hi community,

i’m kind of frustrated. I’m pretty far regarding the game process. I just hitted Sholai in the north in the winter region. So now i wanna hunt some rare arks, but i don’t find them anymore. I know where the “Rare-Spots” are for each Ark, but for example, when i want to farm a Seabite in the north of heroet, there are no monsters respawning anymore. There is NO monster respawning anymore so I’m questioning myself, if it’s only possible to farm the rare Arks during the game process. Or is it still possible to farm Rare-Monsters when u just finished the game. I hope, you can help me out and unterstand my question. Sorry for my bad english. 

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well Rik i did all my farming before i finished the game i think your just having really bad luck =(. I wish you luck

its possible to farm before you finish and after you finish I think you are having hard luck be patient and keep on searching :slight_smile:

Hey there,

about the fact there are NO Arcs respawning as you say if what you mean is that you can’t have any fights on the spot try taping it again once you’re on it to force a battle :wink:

If that wasn’t the issue as said above, it’s probably bad luck but gotta keep trying :smiley:


That was the issue. :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t knew that its possible to force a fight by taping a spot again.

No prob !

Have fun taping them :slight_smile:

Lol, rookie mistake but no big deal haha I made the Same mistake in the beginning

Haha that’s true! :wink:

For information… In the past 2 hours i found this arks:

3x Pearex (C,D,E)
3x Seabite (B,D,D)
4x Levi (A,D,D,E)

And 2x Rexy (A,C) escaped :disappointed_relieved:

That Levi A is very good and a B Seabite as well! As for the Pearex you should grind more untill you at least find an A rank Pearex! 

That’s actually some really nice stuff.

Good luck with future farming as well :slight_smile:

It is indeed good stuff!

Thx Dudes… Do you think that Fusion Rexy arc is worth to combine or rubbish?

Abd which orther Arks are worth it to catch?!

Like you said I’m a Rookie… Hehe!

Its worth it but try to catch both of the fusion material in S grade or at least A

Try getting geo Rex and Remus fusion. Both good but personally I think geo Rex is better

Okay thanks… I’ll give it a try then! :wink: