I Can't pvp

Hi, for some reason I can’t pvp, even I have wifi… i tried to pvp a several time. :frowning:

Do you have at least one arkadion at lvl 20?

If so, can you tell us what it says when you try to get in? Or provide us with a pic, whichever is best for you.

It says “searching for opponent” it took forever then the search cancel.

Sadly In the lower tier of PVP it often takes a few tries to find an opponent. I went a few days without getting a match when I was there.

Moralol is correct; you should be able to PvP, it’s just that no one’s there at that time.

Sadly I tried everyday, and still can’t pvp.

You may want to wait on PVP until the patch comes out sometime this week anyway…unless you’re ready to fight gold/evolve hackers with a full line of S Class Fusions. :stuck_out_tongue:

^Most S class fusions are easy to get. I have a few S Plasmodius and Skullwraiths lying around. S Shadowlance and S Plasmorex aren’t too difficult.

…S Angelon is very hard, though. Like…very hard. S Dreadwolf was easy…I used a grade boost for my Omegawyrm.