New to PVP


Might seem like a stupid question but i’m not sure how to play or get started playing PVP??

I think i’m suppose to have 15 types of Aradion’s but i don’t even all the types yet…

Can i have some help please? :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about PVP at the moment. It has glitches, by which you may be deemed Defeated even when you have actually won the battles.

Stay in the storyline, get better Arks, and wait for the update. :slight_smile:

Yeah , i cant pvp due to a bug so its better for u to wait

Since you didn’t get a straight up answer, to play PvP you must have an arkadion of at least level 20. When it says you need 15 different arkadion species, that means you just need 15 different arkadions. Every arkadion is a different species, think of it like dogs. Each different kind of dog is a species, but two beagles would be the same “arkadion”

we need beagles? where do we find them?


Germany, of course.

Still part of the dog analogy. I’ll admit, it wasn’t one of my best.

It was a good analogy, well I understood it. What he is trying to say (I think) is that is that you need 15 different Arkadions. So you can’t have two bluechicks in pvp. You can only have one on your pvp team. But listen to Snow. Don’t worry about PVP until you beat the game and can get cool fusion arks like omegawyrm, angelon, etc.