I can't get some sidequests! Help!

I have multiple bars/towns that have ! over some houses, but when I click on them a small message is displayed (different for each one) and then I am put back to the town. Quests like these are hindering me from getting the big tank dude (I forgot his name, begins with a  B ).

Help please? Anyone know how to fix this?


Edit: This means I cannot get the quest. No matter what I do, I am missing out on quests because the game isn’t allowing me to start them. 

You have to go back to one of the earlier towns. I forget which one starts the chain of quests for the barracadious recipe. You get the quest from the guild. Hope you find it ):

No, when I go to that town, I cannot GET the quest! I thought this was clear in my original post, but since it isn’t I’ll edit it.

They’re not quests, the buildings you’re looking in are the taverns and they give you hints about the game such as where to find monsters or give you more details about the story quests. If you want to take quests you head to the Deucalion outpost which are these castle looking things. Not all towns have them though

So to get barricadious, I have to go into a bar? 

No, and dont be mean to fly, because i believe you made the mistake and wont listen so dont get an attitude, im pretty sure you dont get it from some of those buildings you get it from an order building in a earlier town and if you would listen before getting mad you might actually learn where it is

I have gone through every single town. I am pretty sure it is a bug. Also, he has told me that before (in another post), so he is basically repeating himself… I posted another one to try to get some more people to help me since obviously I cannot get the quests. I am figuring in posting this in bugs. 

I am sorry if I was mean to fly, but I didn’t make a mistake. I am not clueless and missing something. 

Just want to say, sorry Kitty and Flygon. And Spikes.

I just looked at my map, and I went through THE ENTIRE PLAYTHROUGH without going to a town. I am completely shocked. It is Maldan, and I have 5 quests here. Pretty sure I will get it now.

I am really shocked, and I have no clue how I missed it. Sorry that I doubted both of you.

Me too, i also missed Maldan, but i still didn’t got the Barricadus recipe. So i am stuck with the only missing recipe of this awesome tank.

Went through every town, cave and so on, killed everything but couldn’t get the recipe…

Have you completed the game and visited Reijin?

Make sure u talked to everyone in the town and read the missions thorougly so u dont misread what u have to do