helping with recipes

i am far in the game but still miss some recipes like Gremknight or Barricadus.

in some of the towns there are still some “!” to find.

My question: 

Are the “!” a sign that i did not end a chain quest? 

And how can i get the missing recipes, when there is none who gives me the mission.

I ran through a lot of caves again and killed everything i found but couldn’t finish anything from now.

Please help.

Look here:

This lists most if not all the locations for each of the recipes. I recommend that you go back to the starter town (Orlen) and just work your way back through the towns to complete all the sidequests.

Also. Barricadus is a chain of quests that ends in Deucalion’s tower to get the barricadus recipe.

But how can i start with old quests that are not available anymore?

The side quests are always available. If you did not complete them and are nearing the end of the game, you can always warp back to any town and pick up the quest you missed.

Really? I were in every town and there are all quests done said the Quest log, there are only some “!” Available where is written something like “whenever you Need something give me a calling” but thats it. Or at another place when i Point at the “!” I am moved into a cavern

The guy who gives you the Barricadus recipe is in the Ark section of the tower at the end of the game (where you face Tiamat and Deucalion) Floor 2. 

You have to go to Maldan (town) and complete the quests there in order to find the person who gives you the gremknight recipe outside aborun.

Thats all i can help you with. There is probably just one quest that you are missing.

Thank you so much! I keep on searching!
Funny, i don’t know where maldan (town) is. Are you sure about the name or is it wrongly written?
Thx again. I am in the pvp expert but have Never been in maldan, cause i didn’t find it. Thx!!!

Just backtrack man you’ll find em

Maldan is a town that almost everyone misses the first time. You don’t ever visit it through the main story line and you have to go off course to find it. The only reason why I found it the first time was because I thought Finam was south of Geat, not east.

Which leads to this: Maldan is southwest of Geat, and the !s never disappear, apparently. If it doesn’t say “story” I don’t think there will be a quest; it’s just people thanking you/talking to you/etc.

Yup! I was the same, I had to go back and find Maldan because I stuck to following the main story questline. Its a little out of the way :slight_smile: