I can not find the recipe for barricadus :(

hello guys, I can not find the recipe barricadus although I finished the game and completed all the quests (I think)
I’d need more than anything else to use a strategy in the last fight of the tournament S… who can give me a hand?

Theres a quest on Crescent Island in Reijin where you get the recipe i believe.I know you need to beat Tiamat first.Well,its a chain quest and you need to beat a guy in the tower.Good Luck!

when I go to reijin I have no more missions, how is it possible? I already beat tiamat…

I had already completed the missions Maldan but no trace of the recipe, why?

The quest chain does make you backtrack a few times, so just go back through all the cities again and there should be an earlier one you haven’t done yet. Pretty much every single town with a cave nearby has a quest pertaining to the ancient ruins, with Reijin being the very last one.

Mission complete! Thx you all guys :smiley:

i am also stuck on this one i have done all quest, in the caves do i have to catch the arkamon that is listed on there to get the chest?

There is a thread. But basically go and do the chain quests where a man is illegally excavating caves and such. Beat him and eventually you’ll get the recipe your looking for! :3

Yeah, I circled around the towns about three times before noticing the quest

Where did you guys find it? I have still yet to find it, and I swear I have looked everywhere for it.

I remember which chain of quests it is - its the archeologist fella that investigates caves for arcadions. So if you’re having trouble finding him, go to cities which have caves nearby. The last quest is going to require you to go to the tower to beat him and when you do he will give you the recipe. 

I shall try that now. Going to go through all of the caves including the tower once again, see if I missed a “You feel a presence on this floor”.


My god. I went through the whole playthrough without going to a town. Wow.