PvP Tournament Events

Yeah, we have some unofficial forum tourneys. They’re fun and all…but really, there isn’t much to it. People GC PvP about 4 times each (inactivity and all that stuff makes it even worse), and the winner gets a title…umm…pretty sure that if I wanted, I could change my custom title to “Heavy Weight Champion” on my own, no? I just like “The Dragon Legend” better than “PvP Champ” :wink:

Kidding ofc. I would never do that…but the point is, a title doesn’t really mean much due to the fact that Legendary Hunters are allowed to change their titles anyways.

Now, I’m not being a greedy little poopieface that wants some exclusive monster that 5 people will get. That’s foolish and selfish. It would waste the dev’s time…creating something for 5 people? Pfft. They’re busy enough already.

No, I’ve got an idea that will make things a lot more interesting…although this does not take priority over clans (10th post) or a new OM policy

Still, it would be great.

Before you all jump to conclusions, this will NOT be a “Rich get richer” idea. EVERYONE has a fair chance IF they put enough effort into it. Egg timers and Veterans will not get it if they do not put in the work necessary.

Now, for the idea…


Each “tournament” should last for a month. There ought to be one every 3 months. This can be accessed in a new area in the ONLINE MODES section at the bottom left. Call it what you want. Tournament, Battle Royale, blah blah blah.

When you enter, a player chooses what league he or she wants to enter. The entrance fee will change based on the highest league you have ever reached in PvP. Note how this is NOT based on your current league, as pros can just purposely lose matches in order to lower their cost. I’d say the fee should be in diamonds, and will be the amount that you gain from winning 50 battles in that respective league. So Masters pay 25,000 and Experts pay 20,000, and so on…

There will be a total of 7 leagues, one for each element. Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Elementless, Holy, and Shadow. When you battle, each league grants a different gem. Fire will grant Rubies, Earth will grant Emeralds, Water will grant Sapphires, Air…umm…Quartz?..Elementless grants Tanzanite, Holy grants Pearls, and Shadow…err…how about Black Onyx? Idk…

Anyways, each league is further divided into groups, so that newbies don’t end up battling the pros. Basically, the first two dasy, everyone is in the same pool. Everybody fights, but NOBODY wins ANYTHING. This may seem stupid, but it’s important. Anyways…anybody who does not complete over 10 battles on the first two days is immediately booted from the tournament. Got it? Now then…so that it’s fair, it will all be based on WIN RATIO ALONE for the tournament. Those with a ratio below 0.5 are all put into Beginner…THose with a ratio between 0.5 and 1 are placed into Beginner…Those with a ratio between 1 and 2 are all dumped into Expert…Those with a ratio between 2 and 5 are all Masters…and those who obtain a ratio above 5 for the day will become Legends for the tournament. This way, the best of the best fight each other, while the freshies fight each other as well. Got it?

Once again, the ranks are Legend, Master, Expert, Professional, and Beginner. The gemstone payout for each group differs by an increment of 100. Legends win 500 gems per battle, Masters win 400, Experts win 300, and so on. 

The original rankings that were given after the first two days will stay the same for the duration of the first week (5 days)…then, at the start of the second week, all rankings are updated. This time, anyone who does not complete (doesn’t mean win) 30 matches within that week are all removed from the tournament. Harsh, I know, But this is to reward activity. And c’mon…30 matches in a week? Please, that’s nothing. Anyways, so that will cut down the numbers a lot, right? Now then…this second week will mix things up a bit. Everything will be divided up…based on the amount of gemstones that the player has. The top 1-9% are now Legends. The top 10-30% are in Master. The top 31%-50% are in Expert. 51%-70% are in Pro…and the lowest 30% are all in Beginner now. Got it? Good.

Now, why did I do that? Simple…because this week, rewards will all be based on activity. Yep, at the start of each week, there will be a special reward for the people in each group. Legends are awarded with an Elemental Gem…Remember the beginning? I said that there are 7 leagues, one for each element. So the Fire Legends are awarded with a Fire Gem, while Water Legends are awarded with a Water Gem…now what do these do? Simple. They work like an Ocarina…but you equip it to a single monster…and works in PvP. Now, it won’t be as heavy of a boost as an Ocarina, but it will still be good. And don’t give me the “WHAT? THEY WILL BE UNBEATABLE! THE RICH GET RICHER!” mumbojumbo. That’s bull and you know it. Those people…will ALWAYS be fighting other people who also have Elemental Gems. Like…duh. That’s what separate PvP leagues are for!..well, I’m still waiting for them to make GrandMaster and Legendary Leagues, but meh…

Anyways…Masters are awarded with Elemental Shards, which are slightly weaker versions of the Gems.

Experts are rewarded with X Amount of their gemstone…idk, that will have to be decided based on the tournament standings at that time.

Pros are rewarded with Y Amount of their gemstone…idk, make it less than Expert.

Beginners are rewarded with silver.

…why silver? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that…the cost of battling is silver. Beginners spend 500 Silver per battle, Pros spend 1000, Experts spend 1500, Masters spend 2000, and Legends spend 2500…yep, the best of the best have better rewards…and also have to spend the most in fees. Makes sense, right? All based on Ability-to-pay…completely fair…oh yeah, and keep in mind that tournaments should also be based on skill. I’m already being generous by having leagues where weaker players win stuff…it’s not like other tournaments where only the top wins stuff…sheesh…but it should measure skill, and those who are great battlers should win, right?

…Anyways, so we’re at week 3 now…same as last week, there’s another league update. Those who didn’t complete 50 battles in the last week are now dropped. Yep, went up by another twenty…again, this week rewards activity…but wait a minute, we’ve got these gem thingies…now what? Well, in week 3…the tournament shop is opened. That’s right, players are allowed to spend both their diamonds AND their gem-currency in a unique and limited shop…This shop will have exclusive monsters, BUT will always return…because…well, it’s there four times a year, right? Anyways. you literally have to SPEND it. No, it’s not like normal PvP…so spend wisely…let’s see…assign values based on how much each section has…no point in assigning a value now, as we can’t predict the activity…

…anyways, each shop is unique for each League…Fire League has all fire equipment, and…you get the idea. The most expensive stuff there? Elemental Gems and Shards, folks…The second most expensive things? Exclusive monsters. So like…say…100,000 Sapphires (200 battles in Legend) will buy you a Sapphire Dragon…err…Sapphiwyrm? You get the idea…there should also be smaller prizes you can buy.

…now then…week 4 rewards won’t be measured by activity like weeks two and three…it will be measured based on skill. This is the last week, so it’ll be very important. First of all, anyone who doesn’t complete a total of 50 battles over the last week will be dropped. Also, a new ranking update will occur, this time pitting people of similar skill level against each other. How on earth do we do this? Well first of all, unlike the other weeks, you are not allowed to change your team at the end of week 3. On the last day of week 3, all players will be notified. Then, the system totals the stars of the ten highest ranked monsters in each team. Then, it divides it into three groups, and only three groups.

The system should find the average total…let’s say that it’s 80, meaning the average monster is 8*…Those whose total is 60-100 are placed in a group. Those whose total is above 100 are placed in a group, and those whose total is below 60 are placed in a different group. The first group can be called Rookie, beginner, or novice. Whatever you want. As you can tell, these will be the newbies, as…well, their best monsters are 6*…The second group will be Professional, or Expert…their best monsters are 6* to 10*…I assume most will have 8 or 9* mostly…The third group will be Legends or Masters…They all have a total above 100, meaning that their top 10 are all ranked at about 10*, with some being higher…

Players always fight people in the same group. Note that this means that veteran players and egg timers only fight each other. Newbies always fight each other. Casual players always fight each other. You won’t see Breezehawks and Bosshorns going against Destructors. Got it?

Anyways, so now we have the groups set for week 4…what happens now? Well, they keep fighting. But get this…they have to complete 100 battles by the end of the week, or they will be removed and won’t be eligible to win the big prizes. Mmkay? Now then…it’ll all be based on win ratio. At the end of week 4, the top 10% of each group win the monster. So the best of the veterans, the best of the newbies, and the best of the intermediate players all get a special monster…But there’s more…it will still differ based on group and league…that’s right, a total of 21 different prize monsters will be awarded. So…to help you out in seeing what I mean…

Fire Legends will receive…umm…an improved  12* Hydrablazer, a 11* fire monster currently. Its moves will be updated (see link below) making it exclusive. Also, it will have rubies on it…like its fangs, and those diamonds…replace em with rubies? 

Fire Experts will receive a Firegator, a 10* Reptile with ruby scales…

Fire Novices will receive a Firegolem, a 8.5* ruby golem that has flaming arms

Water Legends  will receive a…Hydroserpent, which is a 12* water monster that is the improved Hydrablazer’s counterpart.

Water Experts will receive a Snowhawk, a 10* …well, it’s a snowy hawk with sapphire talons and beak

Water Novices will receive a Hydrohoof, a 8.5* aquatic horse with sapphires as hooves.

and so on…these will be exclusive…idk, maybe we can reuse them for future tournaments as well. That way, devs don’t have to make sooo many new monsters, and people can get em if they missed it.

Now, the question is…How do devs make profit? Well, remember the week 3 shop? Yeah…players can buy arkadion with rubies, pearls, sapphires, etc…But make it so they can buy em with cash too? No, NOT with gold. That makes timing an issue again. Just make it so like…for US $99, they can buy an Elemental Shard or something…or maybe $50 for one of the monsters? Idk…

So yeah…I think I covered everything. Tell me if you don’t understand something~[/spoiler]

TLDR version: It’s complicated, releases VERY cool and exclusive monsters that people can get…while making it possible for people to obtain them in the future even if they missed that tournament. It has several parts, rewarding both activity and battling skills. Nobody who doesn’t deserve it will get it, and you can’t buy your way out of it. Not only that, but nobody has an advantage! Timers battle each other, newbies battle each other, and intermediates battle each other! It’s completely fair. Plus, it adds a new aspect to items in PvP, as well as provides a much needed boost to the game’s interestingness. It gives people stuff to do and things to look forward to. Also, there will be a shop for people to spend stuff on. This will be purchased…nope, not with silver. Not with gold.The items and monsters there will be purchased solely with the currency won by participating in the tournament! I’ve got some cool ideas for that, so check those out! Oh, and what happens if you didn’t get something cool there? Wait till the next season and buy it then! Because they will be released in the shop in the future!

TLDRTFTLDR (too lazy, didn’t read the first tldr)  Version : Umm…it’s cool. It releases new stuff…um…it’s completely fair, meaning that nobody has any advantages…um…it rewards both skill and activity.

I think we Should have this but after the update so i can at least participate

ofc. They can’t possibly implement this before the update. n.n