Master Matchking in random PvP?

I test the random pvp and i can’t find one player for make a match but i don’t understand about the “Master Matchking” what does it mean…?

I read some infos about hackers and cheaters and i have question about it…

If I have soo powerfull ark with an S Rank am i considered like a cheater? Because i got some like Barricadus, Metallodious, Necrodrake, Cryowyrm, Luxknight.

No, because you got those without hacking

But why i don’t make a match in random pvp then?

I can’t find anyone either (not that I do now) so I can’t help you, I think it’s just the lack of people online

No problem then. Just wait to add some guys on game center, play with them and win the ‘famous’ diamonds! =D

Thanks for all the help dear mr. “The Unholy Offspring Of Lightning And Death Itself” ^^

Yeaaah Hunterisland lacks in activity. Buuuuut Monster Island is on its way and we’re all super pumped :slight_smile:

As of late I have been winning in PVP and after the match it tells me I have been defeated.  Its kind of annoying.  Any word on why its going down like that?

This bug has been around for some time, and has yet to be resolved. Most of the development time is going into the new game, Monster Island. As I’ve stated before, I do think some time should be spent cleaning up the bugs in Hunter Island before moving on.

Thank you for answering, I had not come across anything about it.  Yes, yes, a game I can’t wait to get my hands on! With me having to start fresh (moving from iphone 5 to 6, I don’t think I transferred the game properly) it’s thrilling to have a victory in PVP with my less than adequate arks, only then to have it ripped from my grasp when I leave the match. Alas, it’s just a game and a loss I can quickly get over.  It would be nice to have the 500 instead of the 250 diamonds though haha.

<---- Lost like 200 matches thanks to that bug. That was…what, December of 2013??? Lol. Good times.