Checking Last Opponent

My last opponent somehow got me stunned for >1000 TU in one shot…I’d like to check his/her username in game center. How do I do this? Thanks!

Go into game center, open the hunter island portion, and then click the players tab. It should hsow your more recent matches.

Isnt that only if u befriended him or her?

nope, I have no friends on GC and I can see me latest matches, sometimes i have to change tabs for it to refresh but it works.

So “Recent Players” = the users I’ve recently battled? Or are these users whom have recently played the game? I ask this bc it says “Never Played” underneath a number of the users listed here.

When you get there go to the challengers tab at the bottom of the screen and then back, mine updates when i do that. “recent players” i beleive is last battled. Maybe someone can verify, but i was pretty sure.