How to use Tezcacoatl?

Can someone share with me how they use Tezcacoatl?

I recently got this monster and Emaraldont, while Emaraldont seems useful as a stun absorber without any weakness and will come in handy. But I can’t seem come up with a viable strategy to use Tezcacoatl in PvP or PvE.

One obvious way I can think of is to pair it with other throw monsters and charge power stike. But that seems not worth it. Devastate seems useless as it hurts ally monsters.

Also why there is a Link requirement on it’s secret skill. The only time it’s useful is with other throw monsters in that case they will already summon rockoids for Tezcacoatl. If the link requirement was removed from Tezcacoatl would have been useful on it’s own outside throw teams.

What do you guys think?

Fun monster to use in throw teams. I made a FL with him, Kuromasa’s second form and Bahamuzar. Basically Tezca will get a turn before the other two and spawn 3 rocks, then both Bahamuzar and Kuromasa can use double catapult and potentially get 4 kills. Kuromasa spawns more rocks with each kill and Bahamuzar can use summon swarm after swift dual catapult, leaving more than enough rocks for Tezca to consume. Eat 4 or 5 rocks with him and he will basically one shot anything. Gravity field is also useful for countering a disruption strategy.

In PvE this team works rather well but in PvP I did get my arse kicked, not because of the FL but because I haven’t honed the rest of the team.

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Completely agree. I have him and haven’t used him at all because of that.

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Tezcacoatl needs 3 Consume to OHKO most super-epics and squishier legendaries (you’ll see damage of 3000-3500 on average). Four charges can one-shot the vast majority of legendaries, five charges kill basically everything except for Fire element mythics.

LINK Summon Minions is useful because he needs at least five or six Rockoids at the end of the team: four to charge itself at one-two more to use in a pinch to heal. With a monster that benefits so much from having available rockoids, I think the LINK restriction is fair.

Tezcacoatl therefore comboes well with the likes of Timberlord, Terragar, Gnashjaw, but above all Bahamuzar and Tricranium.

Tezcacoatl massively benefits from being accelerated and given potions. I potted mine to +6 since I often use PvP teams with him since it’s great fun to use.
Best Accelerate Team options are Archaeoceros (90% speed LINK Accelerate Team) and Shieldragon (82% speed Auto Protector with good durability and Accelerate Team).

If you accelerate it, it will be able to heal itself even faster and the opponent will need extra effort to take him out.

Devastate is a last-ditch move to use when you’re surrounded by Bronzeshells/Rockoids/other obnoxious token monsters. It could also theoretically be used in endgame but I think The Rockoid is a much better choice for throw endgames.
It’s also possible to use it with monsters with Desperate Strike like Bitterbeast or Nightrider, but I haven’t tried yet. Plus it sounds too risky.


Reading all your replies gave me an idea. I guess I can use Medbie with this monster as her passive helps to add two rockoids at the end of the team plus Timberlord can avenge summon when Mr./Mrs. Bun dies. That way I will have enough rockoids to charge Tezcacoatl.

This monster is going to be fun to use in PvE. But devastate is just too risky. They could have replaced it with Raw throw or something like that.

How much are the TU after +6?

Be careful if you use Tezcacoatl with Medbie though, since she can’t use her Sleight/Deuce of Hand moves when there’s a monster with Gravity Field.

Tezca has 27sec Consume, 63sec Power Strike and 90sec Devastate when +6.

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I forgot about gravity field :sweat_smile:.

I thought I finally found a use for Medbie, well Medbie is back to being useless again.


@Dev_VKC make it so tezca devastate doesn’t hit your own camo monsters and he would be amazing :heart_eyes:

Do y’all think excessive force will fit him?

It would be amazing but I don’t think he should renounce to either Gravity Field or Hold Ground, they’re crucial for his design.

Though (in my biasedness) I would love if Power Strike and Devastate ignored Hold Ground and defences after a certain number (up to debate) of charges :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: