How to get legendary fast

I’ve been grinding for legendary in 23 acc i didn’t got any

Are you trying to get it from the first hatch?

The trick to get a legandary on the first egg is simple …
I find a glitch for that…

If you come to the screen where you seen the eggs shaking and you have to touch the screen …close the app !

Restart the app and you come to the screen again then wait excact 360 sec …and let the eggs shake after this time close the app immadently without tap on the screen .

Restart the app again and you come to the screen again then wait for 10-20 sec and touch the screen and voilla you got a legandary .

Thank me later and report me :+1:

catch Noxdragon.

Who will wait that much

Don’t waste your time trying to get a legendary on the first roll. Play the game, earn gems, and as soon as you get 40, roll it on the newcomer festival. At the beginning you will get 3 legendary tickets quite fast too (about 2 months) or even less if you grind a bit. Then you can buy a shop monster for 50% discount (one time, so think carefully which monster you want. I recommend Atrahasis, but he will go for 6 tickets so you need to wait a bit longer). You will also get many free rare gems from which it’s a 40% chance to hatch a legendary. So ideally you want to get as many rare gems as possible to get legendaries fast because that will increase your chances A LOT.

I have atrahasis in my old accc

My first 2 hatches in the game was legendary
Rexotyrant nd tridrakhan i was so lucky at that time
But now when my hr is more than 150, my luck dissolved with zero realization value

Edu wyh idea u gave i got only se and e no legendary blah blah blah