How to counter duplicate spam?

I’m so sick of going against teams that run monsters that duplicate themselves or allies repeatedly. Nebelronix, Cosmodragon, Doomengine, Staticsphere, Solblaze, Aurodragon, Torrentide, Cryokaizer, Sanctallion, Blitzdyr, Wraithcaptain, Lunalord, Nectareon, and even Epic stun revenge monsters seem to run rampant in most of the teams I see. Is there any way to deal with them effectively? I was lucky enough to get Vainess in my first egg pack as my only mythic monster and I still have tons of trouble with them (Side note: it’s ridiculous that Payback Killer doesn’t work on Explosive Revenge). Poison only seems to work on the ones with hold ground, protectors block attacks against new clones, and shields/stealth protect them from multi-attacks (like Tezcatlopica Bomb Rebirth). Enemy players will design their lineups to make it as difficult as possible to kill them before they duplicate on top of that. What am I missing? Are there any other attacks or abilities in the game that counter them? Teams that just spam these kinds of monsters seem to be the most common way I lose battles and it’s really sucking the fun out of the game for me.

Used auto poison to handle the ones that clone only at 1 hp like the epic stun revenge so the revenge doesnt triggered amd for the blood cloner and solblaze kill the newest one so they wont keepbon cloning and if its hard to killvthe new one try stunning them first so you’ll have a chance

Use raw power

I guess you’re talking about PvP and you’re below hero rank 100 (the playerbase is divided into 1-99 and 100+)? I didn’t know the cloners were common there but I guess it makes sense. If you’re new to the game you might not have the tools to deal with them like fast sweeping or auto-poison. Trust me, those things are not common at all later on in the game because they’re too slow to work. Most have low speed then require more seconds to clone so they don’t actually do anything important for ages. They can be used, but you won’t see them spammed and they won’t cause you so much trouble.

Like Tagosenshi56 said above, auto-poison works very well against some of them if you own a monster with it. Repulse is very good for dealing with them too. If it’s protectors they’re putting in the way then maybe put an extra monster in your team that can kill protectors quickly (Galvbane is often a great choice). If nothing seems to work then don’t worry because before long you’ll have a large collection and more options for dealing with anything annoying you might face. Once your teams become better the cloners will stop causing you trouble.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll add an auto-poison user toward the back of my team and look to add more repulse/knockback users. I don’t have any monsters with RAW attacks yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. I think I’ve been having more trouble with protectors than I realized since I used Galvbane to get Chronozeros and I don’t have any Excessive Force / Piercing Attack users, so that’s probably part of the problem too.


Cloning monsters, especially CDs, are really easy to counter nowadays, they need no further nerfs.

I know more about this topic than anyone, no need to argue.


The CDs are strong!

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