How do I kill minsters that create duplicate?

Im trying to do the Island challenge but stuck at 130. Seems like every team I fight now has 4-5 6 stars. Even though I have drafted every time it has opened up.

Anyways, how in the world do I kill enemies with duplicate. I destroyed this guys team and had 5 monsters left. He has 1 ninja guy and no matter what I do he just keeps creating duplicates. I even killed all 4 with ultrablaze and 1 came back and got 9 damn turns in a row. There were no enemies left and yet he is still spawning. Killed my whole team. Whats up with this?

Those 4* duplicating stun revenge monsters are insane. They stun for 80s but get their turn in 50s when they enter.

What you need to do is make sure you kill the newest, the one that can duplicate. Only let it enter the field if you can attack it within 50s. You can also kill them with poison revenge or death roulette because these won’t trigger their stun revenge and you can kill the new one more easily.

If you’re not careful you can enter unwinnable scenarios. However, they’re also useful to get on your own team because you can get your own scenarios where the enemy team can’t win.

Edit: I go from writing this post back to the game. Next match I get this exact thing happening for an easy win!

It really is a joke lol. But a frustrating one at that. It is 100% broken. The strategy you mentioned doesn’t seem to work. I killed ALL 4 ninjas at the same time. In the top right it said he had 0 monsters left. Yet 1 spawns and immediately spawns 3 more repeatedly. Nobody can attack because of the stuns. So either you get lucky and hoepfully have a stun absorber still alive at the end. Otherwise game over. I cant advance any furthur. The last 4 fights for me have been against this.

You must’ve been killing other things off and not killing the new ninja in time if there were 4 on the field. Once you’re at that point it’s game over unless you’ve got a stun immune monster on the field or a stun absorber. They’re very awkward to fight against but it’s manageable.

Does the skill create a duplicate when they die? Because like I said I killed all 4 because they were the last monsters left. All dead yet another ninja spawns and creates 3 more. Even when there were 2 other monsters and 2 ninjas, I would kill off the duplicate with 1 health and he would IMMEDIATELY respawn. Everytime. There was never a time when I killed a ninja that one didnt spawn right behind it.

Do I kill the original monster first before killing anyone else? If so how do I know which enemies have that skill?

That must be a glitch. Just kill the newest clone and you stop the chain. It’s the same with any cloning monster: doomengine, Nebel, cosmo, sanct, etc. Each can only clone once. So kill the newest one and then you can kill whoever you want.

No it’s not triggered on their death. I’m not sure where the confusion is exactly but if there’s one next in line it’ll get its turn in 50s from when it enters the field. This is super quick and especially hard to handle because the teams we’re using are not legendaries so have slower moves.

A easy way to counter those stun revenge duplicates is using puff or rhyno and spamm poison gas they are common in IC drafts so its pretty easy get then
Poison gas wont trigger is passive and they will become easy to deal witg

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CDs are tough @Jobear

Ok thanks for the advice. I think I figured it out now. What a pain!


Lol That victory took me to level 175.
After seeing your post I put that spider at the end of my team and been winning most battles.

Thanks for helping me again!

Edit: lol just reached level 185 doing the same thing

4*stun revenge + nebel Carrie’s me to level 400 they vote MVP :joy:

It’s a great strategy. But every time I run it I get stun immunes and AOEd out of the building.

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Yeah I met your team. I’m not using stun absorbers so it was a pain to beat!! Who even said that Nebel needs a buff :wink:

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Honestly nebel TU is the problem maybe adjust it to 80s and it’s fine