How to compensate for Nerfs

First of all i know that it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out a way to nerf a monster while keeping the community happy and it is inevitable to not introduce a new monster that well break the game in someway and will require a nerf to happen in the future. Imagine this we keeping adding more and more monsters to the game and at some point their will be a broken combo or a monster that will need a nerf. best example (chrono op on his own, gazer op with combo) a monster op on his own is more flexible to a nerf then a combo because combo can generate over time and developers might miss on that thats why i say its inevitable. Secondly, Pro players will surely spot a op monster and spend a lot of cash obtaining that monster  best example (Gazer). 

Now lets talk about Gazer (EGG money). Imagine this if a big nerf happen to him the people who got gazer will be mad because they basically paid for a ferrari and got a kia instead. If a small nerf happen to him that changes how he works people will still be mad because we wouldn’t had spent money trying to get him if we know that he will be changed. So know how do we compensate for this ??. Here is my idea we allow the people to exchange the monster for a new currency (lets say golden diamonds)  that will allow them to buy another legendary buy selling their nerfed monster  simple right. we had spent alot of money atleast we can now get another legendary we want so its a win win. OFC you have the option to keep him if you want. Nerfs monster can have 2 weeks to be exchanged for (golden diamonds) then they cannot be exchanged anymore. This way developers dont have to hand out free gems for the people who didn’t get hurt by the nerf just the people who did get hurt. 

Now lets talk about Chrono (Free) handing out free gems for everyone is good enough. 

This is my idea hope this topic reaches the developers.

Since Chrono is free, why devs still need to hand out gems when nerf it?

because we spent tons of fruit sliver and 4 starters to evlove him then he gets nerfed lol 

What else are you going to use those starters for. And really it only took like 200 fruits. Takes much longer to get the starskies.

Guess they give gems just cause they fucked up and are sayin (:sunglasses:) sorry

My monster (stormfox) was nerfed, can I exchange it with a legend? :rolleyes:

over 2million silver 200 fruits 5 moaliths and 4 starters and 3.2million sliver 9 moaliths  if you plan to get the starters back not to mention the first ingredients you need to evlove starters  to epic and tickets needed and wait time for starskies nothing really to mention here

I think most nerf is needed, but the things that devs need to do is think and test thoroughly BEFORE releasing any new mons. It’s their job to test new mons before releasing it, not players. About compensation, I don’t know. In my case, I got my legends buffed (gallio) without making him op so thanks for that. Maybe choosing freely your new legend will be too much as player got the nerfed mon also by chance. Maybe a 100% legend egg, but of course randomized like usual.

it could work but like i said before with more monsters being added their is always this chance of one broken combo will slip through imagine after a year how many new monsters are we going to have and how many combos will slip through. first was harmabe zib then zibgazer and god knows what next. 

I honestly don’t think that compensation is needed. As every balence patch certain legends get buffed, and some get nerfed. They balance each other out. The buffs are compensation for the nerfs.

well you know some people pay big cash for certain legends, just imagine you drop 300 € just to see the legend you paid so much for getting nerfed 2 weeks after,

it´s rather shocking how something like that went trough for so long considering how much cash is involved.

Once u nerf something which people spend a lot of money just to get it…the next thing they will do is stop spending…I know of quite a few death gazers owners that refuse to spend a single dime coz of the nerf…any compensation will not be tolerated unless u refund all the money spend on the monster itself…So best is developers test out the monsters before rolling it out…and if they roll out an OP monsters…just bear with it and accept their mistake…instead of listening to a few people complaining just coz their top spot is snatch under their nose…

I´d most certainly stop spending a single cent aswell if it would be not worth playing after the nerf (not talking bout gazer just in general). refunding money is normally not an option but a legendary of choice should be more than enough, a random one is already questionable because of the dupe system.

Would you really enjoy pvp if you knew that unless you had a deathgazer you cant top pvp? Balance is there to make sure the game is a lot more fair for everyone…

Remember all the complains of the chrono pvp meta after just 2 pvp events? Do you want that but worse with no change?

Anyone spending a lot already have a lot bigger arsenal of legendaries, and both sides of the spectrum are getting balanced, so for individuals to feel its unfair makes sense, but its for the greater good of the community.

If someone spends a ton of money to get a new monster, then they are inevitably going to get some of the worse legendaries too. Nerfing the auto-win legends may end up with disappointed people, but then those same people have effectively new legends to play with due to the bad ones they got becomeing viable.

So basically you are saying that because someone spent money, they should make the entire game P2W? That doesn’t feel like it is a good idea. Honestly, if the devs end up rolling out an OP monster and they don’t nerf it, then most of the game population will quit and the game will die because everyone will note that the game is P2W.

With 300+ monsters, it is really hard to check all the possible teams. There are(assuming 350 mons total that are ultra evolveable) about 1.51x10^43 different combinations of monsters you could have(excluding team cost issues). This is way more then are possible to check. If a computer can check 10,000,000 combinations per second, it would still take 1.51x10^36 seconds to check them all. Which is about 4.70x10^28 years. This is longer the the universe is old. There is no feasable way they can get all of the possible combinations checked to make sure that there are no OP combinations. So their only option is to nerf any OP monsters.

Can u pls explain to me how this game is not P2W…if it is not P2W, everyone will have the same monsters…In a game that promote fair play…Every one will be rewarded based on their hard work and everyone pay the same amount of money. Right here, Some of us pay more to get certain monsters.

Do u think that this game can survive if all they have are people that pay the initialy cost of the game and stop paying after that?

How can this game promote fairness when everyone invested different amount of money in this game…I dun get it…It is not like everyone of us pay the same amount of money each month and everyone put in different amount of efforts to get different monsters…some ppl put in more efforts so they get better monsters, while others put in lesser efforts and they get crappier monsters. Here it is obvious that whoever is willing to spend more is going to get better monsters.

So PRAY tell…how can this not be a P2W game???

This is a P2W game irregardless of whether we like it or not…except that it is 70% lean towards pay to win and 30% trying their best promoting fair play. There are worse games out there like spellstone which I play before which is completely pay to win.  This 30% who dun spend just have to be happy that they are hovering near the top and have to accept the fact that unless they support the developers they shall remains always at mid tier.

Unless one day developers change this to a monthly subscription model for everyone playing it … how can fairness even exist in this game??? I simply dun get it…

Fairness is when everyone is at equal ground…obviously everyone is not at equal ground here…

Edited : Another Way for fairness is to refund people who spend to get a particular monster the full cost in the event of a nerf…

PS : I dun spend much in this game…just a few dollars every now and then to make sure this game keeps going…I am speaking up for the rights of people who actually spend a lot of money in this game and are very unhappy about all this incoming changes. End of the day we must remember, does it make sense to get orange when u pay for an apple in the first place…Will u spend if u r the one spending…Am sure developers if they are reading this will understand the point I am driving at…

of course its a p2w game, it absolutly is. but theres limits how much p2w a game can be and still be enjoyable to more people that highest payer. gazer broke that and went higher.

There’s absolutely no need for compensation and I frankly don’t care for people who’d prefer an unbalanced game due to some misguided sense of entitlement.

Balancing changes are a basic must. As a player and consumer you should be aware that better balance is always a design goal and thus nothing is final. If you don’t like that and the risk of a monster of yours getting nerfed, then simply do not pay money and/or invest time into the game.

I have to say I half heartedly agree with gazer nerf…since it dominate the top with what was mentioned before…but not the nerf of every single existing monster…after gazer nerf, developers simply have to be more careful on the rollout of new monsters thru thorough testing…One nerf of gazer is enough…nerfing monsters again will kill this game…ppl who spend will stop spending…it will end up becoming a true blue free to play game…and eventually developers will go broke…This is a fact…a lot of people with gazers stop spending after gazer nerf…It is best not to let this happens again for the sake of keeping this game alive…

PS : Those who promote not spending in this game need to understand that this game is alive coz of people spending money on this game…Developers are human and need food on their table 2…they can’t live on passion of this game alone.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s the big spenders / top players / gazer owners that pointed out that it should be nerfed?