Best Training Areas for Arkadions Lv 30-40?

I am trying to keep all my monsters the same level.

I am training 13 arkadions highest being 37 and lowest 25 (greenwing, which I levelled up from Lv5 Leafy from a gold egg).

I have completed all the quests so far and need another way to level up.

P.S. do you know where I can find a Spooker/Spooky 


How far through the game are you?

Spooker can be found on Crescent Island and around Vasek and other places too but they’re not terribly rare so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding them

I am a Lv 4 Tamer and am up to Lassandal in the desert, I still have to find some sort of gemstone  in a mountain but I am finding it hard as my arkadions Lv’s are not high enough.

My highest lv now is 41 I am also stuck on a new quest, Battling Arkwing, I can’t win at that either.

Get ur green wing to a lv 50 as it evolves into a giawyrm one of the monsters needed to fuse omegawyrm and.p

Arkwing? Dont worry for now, i beat the game and then beat him. Dont stress about it. And at lassandal id reccomend farming for rares that are at your lvl (it may take longer since you cant just one hit them) but look for things like sizzler and mettalo, there both useful and you should gain a few lvls and to find those guys, just look at the wheres that monster guide

A good point to train your monsters is when as soon as you reach Aurandal you go up exactly 3 tiles when you leave the city until you reach the shore. You can meet up to 15 Biteschools which should provide you with 1000 - 2000 XP.