Need help with my setup for new event

Hello, i tried 2 times to beat the new monsters to get the part for starter ultra evolution but i failed.

I have these monsters:

Anyone can tell me if i can beat all of them with my monsters? If yes, any ideas how to adjust my setup for it?

I used a combo of stub bomb and 400sec bomb with rhynobrawl and pufftoxin. Timestrikers with poison revenge will help with the hold ground. Sleep and dreamhunt works great too. Just make sure to have some stun absorbers for the stun revenge 3 of them have.

Yeah but the problem is that the enemys always hit first or not? They will kill my low monsters with stun bomb before i can use it…

I put the two death revengers in my front line so right away when they die they take down two with em. Put leobolt number 5 so he can stun when he enters. That way only one or two of them get moves off before getting stunned. That should allow u to take the next move.

Try to build a Stun/poison team. The holdgrounders will be weak against poison and they can’t attack because of the stun. Should get you through all four battles. If you want a better strategy for your team drop a comment in the ‘Rate/Build my Team’ thread. There are a lot of guys that will help you out there…