how do I counter lemon

how do you couter it

Get yourself a galvbane


You have to build your endgame to be specifically resistant to Sleep (Sleep Immunity and Insomnia monsters) as well as running some Poison. The two often overlap

I’m always a fan of the four-on-one

Isn’t it one on four ?


Cent endgame and moku, peng and all 4 kill monsters after cent.

You need Bastia
I ran Jackahaltoep (or whatever the name is) to counter Lemon and a few other stuff which works but you will still face it at the end.

Raizen. Whenever Lemon enters, I just keep Rai on Overwatch (It has Insomnia) and wait for a kill. When she kills something, I have stun-retribution and stun-blitz but always kill the stun protection before Lemon enters.
Another way is Ashterios, it has Insomnia and purify and a link fire with it can be great.
Blazebones (sleep immunity), just keep on charging, if lemon kills 3 of your monsters, you can kill four (although Lemon is very tanky).
But don’t forget it had Slayerbane all too. So using Jackalhotep for Knockback next is good too but sleep can take down your endgame.
Bundleblazer, it has sleep immunity and Painful curse (It deals damage to all your monsters) but make sure bot to give her any chance for slayerbane all.
Saberdragon (sleep immunity + shock - minor damage to all monsters + electrocute - critical or probably lethal damage to all monsters).
Nectareon, Super epic with toxic entrance and blood clone next, insomnia too.
Auto Poison all or Poison gas endgame. That’s the best archetype, and it’s overpowered. If your collection is small, I think @DevilsMisfortune can still help you with it.

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Nectareon doesn’t have insomnia


I just hatched a mythic with insomnia its cybernubis
Is it good

It can be very good in certain setups

Does a stun team count as one

You need to build around Duel, mainly the way it grants overwatch to your team

maybe it can go with ultima’s stun flash