How can reapolentern be a pvp star?

Do we celebrate fools’ day in Feb? @Dev_VKC
How dare you call a Z-tier trash star?

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8 packs and SE pumpkin guy is all i have to show for it. 3 of them were epic only packs. (No legend at all)

I don’t understand why they can’t just combine guaranteed and x10. The x10 is contingent on actually rolling a legend but now that’s even rare (for me at least).

Even in the void festival egg on x10 chance i still didn’t even get stag after 30+ packs.

It’s depressing rolling excessive packs with nothing to show for it, whereas i see others rolling 3 singles and getting 4 mythics in return.

NLAA for life.


There was not special egg with guaranteed legendary egg.

He was the winner of the participation award last PvP.

Before Christmas all the special eggs had guaranteed featured in 6.

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My bad. You are right

Learning the hardest way (11 pack and only got legendary repeated) … until it has not been guaranteed, it only remains to collect gems!

Or pray a bit more. Somehow I had more luck with singles. I would give it a try. I mean 11 packs are 110 singles :smirk:

Packs or singles, at the end of the day we’re a joke to the devs.

Just don’t indulge them. Take my advice as 3rd in command of NLAA.

Anyway, 12 packs and only got a midas dupe. I got a legend pot so i guess i’m happy with that. I didn’t even want peng/dusc anyway… :ok_hand:

One of my friends rolled 4 packs , got pengunator, icefang and Mecha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@NMEGaryOak as Moderator can you ban @Professor_Oak for low-key flexing on me?


Hmmm wonder who that lucky person was

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All about luck. 4% chance remains 4% no matter how many packs you open. Some get it some not. Thats how it is and i can understand why people who get nothing will complain everytime in future. I got mad as well but this is how the current situation is. Savung up gems for festivals like the upcoming one on Valentine’s, just a guess lol, and try your chance with a slightly better chance.

Hahaha there are no chances! You are crazy xD :joy:

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welcome to my life, im currently 14 packs dry of a single legendary or dupe legendary again, my dry streak just never ends it seems haha

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Gary is a bad mod !

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I can top that easily…

Btw, i’m not mad. Experiencing this disappointment for 3 years turned my anger into apathy. One day, i’ll just quit :joy:.

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U gotto show us those 30 rare gem hatches too

All se epic dupes. You don’t need to ask.

Even a legend dupe is too much to ask for.

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Aw man. But why do u roll for? I thought u r one of those with highest number of legendaries