How can I clear challenge buffed monsters mode?

I sometimes play Challenge top pvp teams, which allows me to play without tickets when I’m bored.
It is relatively easy to clear, but the buffed monsters next to it are almost impossible to clear. There’s actually no reward for me even if I clear these challenges, but I would like to enjoy existing game contents, so please let me know if there are any tips or recommended monsters for passing this challenge.

Super buffed is to test your teams in preparation for UC were you fight monsters that is super buffed

You cant achive this with normal pvp teams as they simply dont deal enough damage

So you need teams like this which is based around instant kill moves death revenge and mirror revenge monsters

An example is maggatsuo who has the move toxic conversion which summons a token monster that can use the move blight bomb which is a sacrifice move which instantly kills anything thats poisend

Also insted of the KB monster i use in my fl a very normal monster to use is Talo so you can shield the maggat (there was just alot of stun protection last UC so i needed it gone lol)