Hi Guys! :)

I’m new here. I downloaded this game the other day on my iPad and it’s just…amazing. I love that it’s more complex than Pokemon (as much as I love that). Anyway, I’ve gotten as far as Larkel and picked Frostkit as my starter! :slight_smile: He’s level 36 now. I also have a Goldram and a Snowstag that I’m very fond of.

Welcome to the forum!!! #FrostKitSwag! As you can probably tell, I love cats, and frostkit. Glad to see another cat lover! Lol and I totally agree. When I got this game I was shocked how pokemon like it was for .99¢! for starting arks, I would reccomend getting a rexy, levi, sizzler, and pearex. They are very powerful!

Hello Maenta! I chose Snorkling the first time around, but also went with frostkit the second time around. It’s really cool, if you catch my drift. ; )

… ok ignore that 

Welcome to the forums, and I hope to see you around!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

hi welcome to the family I refer to us as a family often so ts not weird