HI App/Data Backups & Restores

So because this seems to be a fairly common question i figured i would make a topic to go over how HI backups can be done, and how to restore the data should a loss of device occur, you get a new device and want to transfer the save, you accidently delete the app. I will do this in 2 sections below.


There are two methods you can use to backup your HI data.

 Method 1: Automatic iCloud backup. To use this method go to your “Settings” on your IOS device. Click iCloud. Click Storage & Backup. From this screen make sure that the iCloud Backup slider is on the right, and green. This indicates that your IOS device is configured for automatic iCloud backups. Go back to iCloud and you will see a number of options here. The important one for this is Documents and Data. Make sure it reads “On”. If it does not read on, click it to change the setting. Then go back to Storage & Backup, and click “Back Up Now” to perform an iCloud backup of your HI data.


Method 2: iTunes Backup. You can also use iTunes directly to backup your data. This is riskier as the backups will likely occur less frequently, but if you do not have internet access, or do not want to use iCloud this is the other option. When you plug in your device and open iTunes there will be a tab on the top of the window below the menu bar, Click this to pull up your IOS device settings. From the summary tab you will see several sections, one of which is labelled Backups. Under this section you will see two sub sections, “Automatically Back Up” and “Manually Back Up and Restore”. To set iTunes to backup your device and data every time you plug it in to your computer simply select “This Computer” under Automatically Back Up. To perform a manual back up at any point, select Back Up Now, Under Manually Back Up and Restore. This will initiate a backup for your apps and data, stored locally on your computer. If you use this setting i recommend doing a backup anytime you get something in App that you would be upset about losing. 



You will use this if you get a new device and want to transfer the HI save data, lose your device and get a replacement, or accidently delete the app and need to restore your HI save data. Bare in mind that all of these methods will restore THE WHOLE DEVICE, NOT JUST HI. And it is necessary to do this, if you use a method/app to restore just the HI save file you will be flagged as a hacker and banned.

Method 1: iCloud Restore: Rather than type out a lengthy process for this i am simply going to redirect you to the Apple Support page that details step by step how to do this method for restoring an existing device, and how to transfer to a new device. To transfer the save to another device you will need to use the “Set Up a new Device from an iCloud Backup” method.



Method 2: Manual Restore using iTunes: To do this method simply follow the steps detailed above to backup your device to iTunes. But instead of clicking on Back Up Now under the Manually Back Up and Restore section, click restore now. It will then guide you through restoring the device using a preexisting backup file that is stored on your computer.


And just to be thorough here i will also include a convenient post from Apple, which reiterates the steps i have detailed above, more information, some screenshots, and more details on the processes and limitations.


I hope this is helpful for you folks. If you feel that screenshots would be helpful here just let me know and i can add some.

Helpful posts are always welcome