Game Save File

Hey I’m sorry if this is the wrong section but I’m not sure where this would go. Today I had to restore my iPod and I lost all of my apps including my progress on Hunter Islad. I was wondering if it was possible for me to get my old save file back somehow, if it isn’t that’s fine but I just finished the game and got all 4 hatchlings so it would be a pain to start again :frowning:

You should have backed your device up to iCloud before restoring it. Data is not stored on any server, so unless you still have the save file on a device, there’s nothing you can do about it. 

I’m sorry :frowning:

Was your last backup before you started the game ?

My laptop died so I had to use a friends computer to restore it because it was bricked, but that’s okay I’ll just start again :slight_smile:

I should have considered the automatic iCloud backup, of course! If you have that turned on, it automatically backs your data up when you have wifi on and plug the device in. So if you had that on, you should be able to do a backup restore. Otherwise… again, nothing we can do.

Good luck on your new game then, I hope it’ll still be loads of fun for you :smiley: