Help with the green boss at the end?

Hello! I’m god awful at this game but its so much fun! I can’t beat the last boss to save my life! I would love to know how to beat it cheers my monsters are level 65 to 80 :slight_smile:

You need a lot of level 99’s.

Not true Crystal. You can place stunners in the front and if you have any hatchlings final forms then you can place them at the end for their vengeance, but if you don’t have them, you could place your starter at the end and hope to use last stand.

Without them being level 99, their attack/magic stats won’t be high enough to do much damage, even if boosted.

I had a bunch of 70’s when I battled it, I beat it by basically using don penguinis showdown a bunch of times after stunning it

Do you know any better farming techniques than bite school boosting for level 99?

Yes & no…

Yes, I know 2, which I doubt you have access to:

  1. Infinite Dungeon, you can get 2k-8k experience per battle…

  2. Gold egg - if you have a lot of gold, if you feed 1 gold egg, it’s an automatic 3 lvls up, normal egg for 2 lvls up…

  3. Level booster - can be purchased for 10K silver in one of the towns in the last island (forgot the name)…


Most players still rely on biteschools as most don’t have too much silvers, hardly any gold & in your case, you haven’t beaten the game & therefore no ID for you…

I usually level up to 50 to 60 at the bite school and then use pvp to go the rest of the way. Each 3 consecutive wins gets you an egg thar almost always is just good for feeding another ark.

Thank you for the advice but 1 issue… I can never find anyone on pvp! I have played 1 game on it after about 20 searches :’(

I’d just go on chat or make a thread in the PvP section asking to PvP via friend invite. It’s more reliable and I think it gives out more diamonds, but you can only get the reward from one individual person each day.

Pretty sure you won’t run out of people though, unless you’re a hardcore PvPer. c:

One thing I do is put my starter at the end, wait till my other arkadions have died, then use last stand. It typically gets a couple of bonus actions, and only takes 50 TUs, and it also has plus 700% if its the last arkadion in your party. It’s really easy to kill the bosses that way.

Well when i was up to him 15 of my arks were unique n lv 90s soo no sweat… Think again he had around 8 bonus attacks every time he had his turn soo then i died died died died died died till i was left with my last 15 which were lv 60s I WAS DOOMED AND FATE LED ME TO DIE THERE

Yeah the only reason why I even got a guardrion was because of the move last stand

Simply use this combo at the end when fighting tiamat:

Halopard, Last Stand user, Don Penguini

Halopard uses haste and reinforce and then the other two are really nice beatsticks

I sympathize with you remingtonbear. I still haven’t beaten him because my strongest ark is Nilox element less ark and I forgot about the weakness so I died and still haven’t managed to crawl out of the pit of despair without him stomping on my head to shove me underwater and see my dumb defeat over and over and over again.

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