Help me build a good team?

I recently got a bunch of super epics and a few epics. Help me build a good team with the monsters, once there fully evolved?

You actually have a really nice team going there, could make quite a few different kinds of teams. You could go for an assisted wave front line with your hydrokaiser+subzerotops along with blitzheart for the twin killer+time strike and bronc for the risky heal + survivor. You could also go for a bomb team with twindra+armordillo along with your spino for the twin killer+time strike and either necrodrake or pegahoof for survivor and extra purify utility. You also have a lot of mons that can work for a sleep team but I don’t see any dream hunters in your team unfortunately but you could still use them to prep up your bomb on twindra.

There are definitely other combos that work for your group of mons but those 2 are the ones that I noticed right off the bat, gl with your team building