Help! I need advice on my team lineup, please. Thanks :)

I’ve been struggling with my team on chapter VIII (8). Is there any possible way to beat it with these monsters? Which monsters should I ultra evolve?
I attached my current team and all the monsters I have. I’d really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Post the enemy team.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the enemy team, only the first like 8, which is rexotyrant, Gearcroc, 2 unwanted friend SE monsters, Alphagear, etc. I’d appreciate it if you tell me a team you think would be helpful in PVP, except assisted stuff. They’re buffer than normal. I was hoping if you’d suggest a team that’ll be good to last long for the offline storymode. I’ll take any advice I can, thanks :slight_smile:

Nebel is good now. Keep a few protectors around and keep duplicates stealthed. The enemy will ignore him for the most part so you can take advantage of that in the offline mission.

Thanks,appreciate it.