Help us Promote Hunter Island!

Alright guys, we need your help.  We want you to tell your friends about Hunter Island that’s coming out November 14th!  How can you do that?  Well it’s simple; if you use Twitter, Facebook or anything that uses a hashtag, use #hunterisland whenever you talk about the game.  Also if you have friends that play Hunter Island or Dragon Island: Blue, link them to this forum!  

As a third option spread these photos around to your friends and other community sites you are apart of to help spread the news about Hunter Island!






Also as a token of our appreciation we would like to give you this free desktop background!  


Thank you guys!  Hope to see you all on launch day!

I would love too help and ofcourse I will tell my friends but I don’t think they would be intrested but I have no but Yes i can get 

I’ve already told all my friends…

Ive told all my friends awesome pics Pred.

Well, if you guys have a twitter, would you mind taking one of the pics and spreading the word on other social media platforms as well?

I’ve told everyone I know that plays games.

Im so excited for tomorrow, going to make my days at work go a lot quicker!!!

Hey fellow hunters, I wish to inform you that Hunter Island is now ranked #20 in United States, #5 in Japan, #12 in United Kingdom, #15 in Germany, #19 in Australia, and so on.  Thanks you guys Hunter Island had an awesome launch!  Hope to see you all in game, you’re the best!

Awesome! Three cheers for Hunter Island!


It’s a little late- but I’m definitely spreading the game among my friends, now that I’ve come across it. An enormous fan of the class and integrity with which the game was designed; kudos!

It’s never too late haha ^^

We Should promote the forum cuz i always see THE Same names

It’s #20 in Canada Now

Ikr they already did though in the game in the black market

if there would be a android version more peope would play it xD

sorry for my english :S

Dont worry your English is fine

As I said in your previous thread, it takes funding to do that and if they get enough downloads from iOS, then they’ll look into Android.

So for right now unless you get an iOS device, you’re out of luck

Or donate a large sum of money to them specifically for the intention of Android development. That would probably work too if you can afford it! :slight_smile:

Lol that “large sum” would need to be atleast 100,000 or more and unless ermin is a multi millionare, thats not gonma happen but i would like to see that because my only tablet is a nexus (android) and a tablet is much better than a ipod or iphone so tablet playable would be great

me and ‘chiefswill’ have spreasd the message across the world :wink: awesome game!!!