Levi lvl 21 (training)

Stegodon lvl 37 (training)

ScallTooth lvl 17 (training)

Raptorrex lvl 39 (training)

Archeonis lvl 40

Sledgeskull lvl 44

Pyroviper lvl 46

Searex lvl 44

Georex lvl 43

Vulcaraptor lvl 47

Dullakhan lvl 44

Flamogun lvl 46

Marspin lvl 43 (want to replace)

Gigaceros lvl 44

GearHound lvl 42

Glazio lvl 44

Twigster lvl 44

Beowolf lvl 42 (want to replace)

Freezebear lvl 42 (want to replace)

Pengboss lvl 42 (want to replace)

Duskroc lvl 40

Grizzrex lvl 43(want to replace)





So Im made another thread! Haha this game is addicting! Can somebody tell me what arkadions i Should keep and which ones i should drop. Btw I play for the story not PvP. And if you could tell me who I should replace it with thatd be great :smiley:

U got a Gearhound well thats very lucky of you !! How did you get it ?

I got it during the online event! Not the current one the last one.