Hello everyone

I play DIB and Majesty (don’t have the northern expansion though) and I’m currently studying chemistry at Uni (college if any Americans are reading this)

Well, welcome to this forum ! The rules are : hide you waffles. Always.

Hey welcome!  (Hiding your waffles is pretty important…just saying.)

Welcome to the Hunter Island forums. :slight_smile:

Why hide the waffles? We don’t hide waffles here, you give them to the waffle king! Btw hi
Also btw I am the waffle king!

No you’re not ! I AM THE WAFFLE MASTER !

We all know who holds the waffles here…




Look like the waffles are contagious huh Bella? :wink:

was the only one from waffle land back in DIB :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I have completely missjudged the situation here. I withdraw my statement! 

Trust me I am the waffle lord just look at my full profile picture!

No, don’t trust him. I am the one who originated the waffle cult on those lands. He is a traitor to the cult and decided to create an army to become the Waffle Master. He is not to be trusted.

Then explain all my followers and the lack of yours!!

Waffles and Chocolate, best combination ever.


No joke dude, put chocolate chips in the waffles mix, best thing ever. Then put Chocolate syrup on top, it is a heart attack waiting to happen.

WHO’S JOKING!?!?!?!??!?!