Waffle Discussion

So, how do you like your waffles in the morning?

I like to drown mine in concentrated awesome with sprinkles of epic and a side plate of marvellous. Oh, and an orange juice.

It’s about time someone made this topic XD

I like mine with peanut butter and I eat it like a sandwich

Well I enjoy putting some frozen raspberries on mine! Then smothering them in buttery syrup.

Brace yourselves.
Never had 'em.

Your are hearny deemed unfit to post on this forum by the WAFFLELORD! Until you have read the entire random discussions topic your crimes against waffles shall not be forgiven!

Yup, figured since they feature so prominently in the forum, they deserved their own thread!

So, what kind of waffles do we all go for? Are there any circle lovers or do most of you go for the much more efficient, easier to fit in the toaster, square variety?

I make homemade waffles… None of that pre-made stuff.

Don’t talk about pre-made waffles. These are an heresy.

Wafflelord, I’ve been thinking, what if we reunited both of our Churches and become the ones and only keepers of waffles !

So what if, bear with me on this, what if we combined waffles, pancakes and grilled cheese to make the ultimate grilled wafflecakes w/ cheese. Will the gods behold it or reject it?

Well we already made the chocoffle so, to many inventions may make the waffle gods angry…

Grilled cheese with waffles ? You’re a monster ! Plus american “cheese” is already considered as an heresy !

But, the idea of combining waffles and pancakes… we’d just have to add some chocolate to create… PANWAFFLATE

Gasp, why have i not heard of this magnificent creation!? 

(edited for including communism with waffles)

I will accept this and together we will grow the waffle kingdom and church. I doub the WaffleKnight!

You haven’t heard because they are still in alpha development. We are currently testing their powers!

Waffles should be waffles, that is all they should be! They are the only pure thing I behold in this life, please don’t take that away from me.

But we have the chance to make waffles…better. It’s for the sake of the greater good.


You shall be the commander of our armies, and I shall be the grand waffle scientist ! And together we shall rule the Waffle Church and Kingdom ! I hereby declare myself as the Grand Wafflogist.

Cobra, we all agree with you. But we have to create new forms of waffles to defend their purity against their worst ennemies. The… CREPES !

No…NO, Not the CREPES! Their forces have converted many already, when will they stop…

They will never stop. That is why we have to create new waffle kinds. And do you want to know something terrifying ? In a region of France, they have turned into a salted version, using buckwheat to drag more people into their darknesses !