Thoughts on Carmilla( New Mythic) and Shikabloom ( New Legendary)

Shikabloom is a clear S+ tier for pvp. The camo and AP spam that will result from this is gonna suck so bad. (think stag + shika + spectre)

I haven’t looked at carmilla for more than two mins, but it also seems like S+ tier for pvp or at least S tier. Link instant hypnotize is insane but at least it requires you to run a bunch of shadow mons. I’m not sure why the devs gave it so much healing and sweeping potential along with perfect stance but whatever

Edit: blood drain reliably brings carmilla back to full hp for 42tu with no restrictions. easy S+ tier wtf dev

yeah powercreep from ■■■■ like jackolene, shikabloom, and carmilla is gonna obliterate the meta


It would be a shame if an AP Spammer got their hands on that shika thing

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Hello my name is Suikenshi and I want to say thank you for saving my job


I’m little confused about specter, it is not beast type so it can’t union with shika right?

The mythic looks insane. I’ve got a good combo in mind for it, but I will probably never awaken it. Legend looks good too

Especially if they run Stag, Hanzo and Ankara :wink:

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fist and second form of the mythic give (okay vampire queen vipes)
last form just ruined it all

ur combo is with deviladues?

That myth girl remembered me like my favorit character .:sweat_smile:

I hope I can get her

Bruh… now botan doesn’t have any exclusive skill for a mythic except his ultra evolution form :disappointed::disappointed:.

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Botan still have slayerstun. Its exclusive for her🤔


Really?? Ahmmm… oh… it’s stun retribution not slayer sorry HAHA. But just confuse what goddess carmilla are?? Vampire goddess or keeper of haunted house with ghost monsters HAHA.

Dang i can’t update mine.


She’s got a lollipop in her final form. This is a reference to the fact she’s a pedophile


Ram from Re:Zero? Hairu from Tokyo Ghoul;re?

It’s been almost a year since we first saw shikabloom and it’s now just releasing

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Loli goddess?? HAHA.


Justice for Staticsphere is on the way!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

also ye - new Mythic is lucifelle on steroids.

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Not anime, its musical artist

Always use her name on every ranked, when she apear in Neo . It make me jealous bcoz I can’t roll her for now😓

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keep meaning to ask u about your name lol.
there’s a character in a game called Samurai Warriors called Ina who is an Archer. is that just a coincidence?