Dev look at this boy

Here I have a cheater, he sent me a friend request, I did not accept it Destroy it with the power of Aurodragon Shiny😈


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I’ve got a few people as well…a month ago request tho


Ha ha ha, they are everywhere😆

Then there is me with 63 legit mythics awoken :rofl:

Ohh the great Daniel. You are another case :expressionless::laughing:

I am not Daniel :rofl: I am DMG DonT89


How hard is it to just hack in 4 copies and the ingredients to combine?

You seem like you did this before

I wouldn’t talk about it if I did it myself

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This would normally be true. Unfortunately, it has been shown that a sizeable part of murderers self-report their crimes, a reference to the 2018 hit game “Among Us”, where said action is considered to be sus.




What’s that? Can I eat?

I mean, probably. I don’t know your living situation

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I got this situation 3 times in today’s pvp
Iam a beginner in this game lev 40 I got 3 legendaries iam barely able to evolve them and I went to pvp with my superepics then I met this guy(s) with 3 awekend mythics in his team and all dolphins and trending legendaries at end don’t tell me he got incridible luck that he managed to aweken 3 mythics and able to get all legendaries required for pvp maybe he had powerfull monsters in his side but with the wrong desition making my carpasca and shinobi dragon ripped his team to the end, there are 4 monsters standing when I got defeated and one of them has bond lights on it. And that’s not the problem the problem is why in the world he matched againist me I had 2 fully evolved legendaries and a mythic all super epis

And look at this hero rank 21 boy who managed to aweken one of the coolest mythic. seriously you need lev 25 for even pyramids Haa great

If you buy ultra evolve package you don’t need Hero Rank

What about matchmaking is it fair then?

Matchmaking never is good​:laughing::laughing:
But,thats a daily matter


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