Hatching probability

Is this egg hatching system subjected to location or region of the device. What i mean is in one region it is probable that certain legendaries will be hatched and at other region some other legendaries like in Pokémon drowzie was common at times square location and some other Pokémon was common at Disneyland location, just a question out of curiosity…


My house is in a bad region.

It is subjected to your account, if u have an unlucky account such as me, you will always be unlucky no matter where you are. Btw, I hatched 11 Omega that was so annoying

Same here I got 3 shadowyrm and 2 penguini,I know these monster are really great but I don’t want same monsters on hatching from egg as we alrdy know how difficult it is to get legend but when its dup than I’m speechless

My house aand univ too :joy::joy: