The last 2 days I have used rend it has done nothing. Hasn’t changed the speed of my attacks what so ever. I tried it with Angelon and Gremknight. Is there a reason like it doesn’t always work or is there something wrong with if?

If you mean rend, then it’s not supposed to change the speed of your attacks. It’s supposed to do damage.

If you mean haste, which is likely, then it usually does work. It just doesn’t update the text for the abilities like it’s supposed to.

Do you know for a fact that it didn’t work?

I was meant to put haste not rend lol

I changed the title so others who have similar issues can find the topic more easily.

Thanks. I used it yday twice with Gremknight while arkwing was summoned and it had no effect on his attacks. Just used it from Angelon and it did nothing again

Instead of looking at the TU amount look at the left of the screen. Use haste and then a high TU attack and you’ll see it’s less

You need to make sure that Haste is used before Rend, then you will see the cooldown TU will decrease from 250 to like 150 or something.

Well you know what they say…“Hasty is tasty”