haste issue in pvp


I posted a similar topic in another section and sorry for reposting.

I am not sure if the issue I am facing is due to an ability from the opponent’s ark.

Basically I am having an issue only during pvp and it happens quite often.

When I cast haste the action points required does not change.  So for example, I cast haste and the Chain Ice action from Glazio remains at 100 when it should be 62. 

Thanks guys for your help

This happens to me too.

Although, haste works for some monsters for me. It doesn’t work about half of the time.

This happens with me too. 

just my 0.5 cent haha

Guess nothing much I can do.

Found out a few more things when I did pvp. Sometimes it happens sometimes it don’t.

  1. my puffor didn’t dealt damage when it died. Same for some gremknight and other revenge type arks

  2. my evolved birdy’s all no resist had no impact on magic damage. Pre and post all no resist dealt the same damage. I am thinking this might be true for other assists like boost, ward, etc

I guess if we do pvp we have to acknowledge that bullies are likely to win. How do you play strategy when these support abilities don’t work

It actually work, just the bug is they didn’t show the decreased TU, say you haste a don penguini, his shodwon skill still says 100 tu, but when you used it, he only get added 62 tu

The haste is effective just the number shown not changed

I am pretty sure it is not but I will do a test again to check.

I did this with my stormfox earlier. I cast shockwave for stormfox that was haste on my previous ark’s turn. No arks were stun by shockwave. If haste was active, stormfox goes again but in my situation the opponent gets his turn.

So end of the day if support or revenge abilities can’t work most of the time then playing pvp is meaningless till you get big bullies. Guess that’s where I will be playing (non pvp) till situation improves.