In pvp, when I use my Angelon to haste my team a few times, everyone takes a turn like nothing happened… but if my opponent has a gremknight and uses haste a few times it is VERY noticeable how many turns he has gained over me, literally minutes before I get to attack again. Is haste buggy for some arks?

Haste can only be active once per Arkadion. Once you activated it, look at the TU on your attacks when you’re selecting them; they’re all noticeably lower.

Keep in mind Gremknight has Stun Skin as well as Haste, so as soon as you kill it, you’ll be waiting a while.

Apparently sometimes haste doesn’t show in the skill selection TU. But according to Ashley, it still works (the TU in the line up on the right is lower). The text just isn’t updated.