Hardest Fail In Hunter Island?

What was the hardest fail you ever did in Hunter Island
Mine was…

I was farming for a Galey and eventually I found it

I saw the capture rate. Bronze case was 93% So I was confident I can capture it.

Then it failed. I cried for 10 minutes yelling and screaming. :angry:

Did you have a level 99 in your group or is that the highest the capture rate gets when trying to capture at full life?

My hardest fail was…
I was battling this noob on pvp and he had this whole lot of lousy monsters sanctolamb, Remus, etc well then, I was so confident I literally used my inferno wyrm to devour about my last five arkadions, trying to make it more challenging. Then this guy came out with dynabirds and I was laughing so hard until I realized he only had his don penguini left. Before I could think uh oh he had 3 bonus actions in a row and killed my best monsters (omegawyrm, destructor, typhonwyrm,etc) with showdown. It was so embarrassing!

That is the showdown tactic, you will meet him often in veteran orexpert league, try putting a stun skin in your line up

On topic: i was farming and keep farming and keep on farming and meet a leafy! The bad thing is, i wasn’t looking for leavy anymore, because i already have him, apparently I spent a few hours of my life farming in the wrong spot (was looking for ashie)

Yes I know it’s the showdown tactic and yes I know exactly how to counter it but the problem was I had killed off about 8 of my own monsters

Tmk - should always catch extras. They certainly can’t hurt. :wink:

Me? Uhhh…



…I guess…idk, about to win a PVP match and then disconnecting?

Eggs… Nuff said.

Everyone fails at that. I usually get horrible ones. 

Well my worst fail so far would be when I was hunting for cherubs and I tried my luck at 35% catch rate and I failed 6 times In a row…

I had one time where a capture failed at 99%. Not sure what ark it was though. :frowning:

Slendang 50 euro’s on eggs and had to feed everything !!

I was searching for Leafy and when I finally found it, I yelled “Yes!”… and I killed it by accident.

I had the same thing with a bluey,…

Tried to catch a Metallo, walked around in the Cave about hours, finally found a lvl B one. Wanted to kill the other arks first… Now i will never forget he owns all the damage…

One of my fails that I still kick myself over is when I got a gold egg, saw blood claw in it, focused as much as I could and I barely missed it. Landed on a B brakie instead so kinda. Not very much. But made up little… whhhyy blood claw whyyy you do this ,_,

Two of my fails are was farming ashie saw him had a 97% chance to catch and failed…i cried :frowning:

Second time was a day after that saw ashie again accidently hit escape on metal :|…i ragedddd D:

Well that sir is a big faill

Did catch him.a few hours later so that made me happy xD

Remember this : You could’ve had 3 

either the time I was gonna start hunting hatchlings, and on the third day realize Ive been clicking the spot SOUTH of Agramis and not north.


walking off the forest path FOUR times and getting beat up by Dahaq before actually staying in the forest.

one of the two