Happy new year

wish everyone good health and success in the new year. In my hometown now is the new year


Same to you :ok_hand:

Happy new year!! What country is that? Currently travelling through Asia and celebrations for New Year has started!

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Thank , my country is Việt Nam

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Happy new year to you @VNchaohunter. What is typical for your culture to celebrate new year? I could google that but I would like to hear from a native person :slight_smile:

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Ah dude! I’m currently travelling through Asia and next is Vietnam! We’ve got nearly one month there! The trip is Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, HK, China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, back to Wales!

Any recommendations? ( I hope this chat is ok guys :grimacing:) so far we’re going to:

HCMC, Dalat, Hoi An, da Nang, Ninh Binh, Ha Long, Sapa, Hanoi :raised_hands:t2:

Have a great new year


You’re coming to the Philippines? Bro come here in Cebu and I’ll give you a tour

It’s a trap. We dono if he will tranquilize you, tie u up and get ur restore code and delete your monsters , make a meme out of it and post it here ! TRAP.
For all we know , u could end up a real lemonsqueezed !


Hmmmm some trap that an Oak can think and do ey? :smirk:

Haha! I’ll take you up on that. We’re flying directly from Tokyo to Cebu!!

Lol @Professor_Oak have you never met anyone from the internet? When I lived in San Francisco I met many people from all over the world that were on a webcomic forum I was on and I was never tranquilized, robbed or tied up (unwillingly).

Not everyone is scary.


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Also Happy New Year!!!


Dude seriously? Lets talk about it in PM

I haven’t . It’s scary but exciting as well I guess !

I’m going to see someone I know through online gaming this weekend, should be a lot of fun! However, for anyone who’s going to do that I advise you talk on video chat first and possibly do other things to make sure everything is safe. You don’t want to walk into anything you don’t know about.


And not everyone is nice😁

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Real question is were u tied up willingly then ? :yum::yum:

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Hate to be the killjoy here but I must tie your hands… please be willing and keep this conversation PG :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Indonesia my country :heart_eyes:

I thought we were all in our twenties :pensive:

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