New Years

So Its almost the end of the year  and Christmas holidays which have been very busy for me so its almost new years and I was wondering what everybody does on new years. I usually go to a restaurant with my family and then go back home and watch the globe drop at midnight on tv in new york.

My new years? I sit home and play Hunter Island.

Usually, I have a quiet night in with my parents and bring in the bells with them with a little drink and then off to sleep. However, now that I have a girlfriend I’m heading up tomorrow to her parents, where she’s staying over the holidays, to bring in the bells with her family. I haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks either so it’ll be really nice to just see each other again not over Skype :slight_smile:


Cool be safe.Have fun.

Well I know one thing ! That I dont remember the night of new year the day after it , haha sorry with these parties I always drink too much to remember it.

Dont worry Jeanette im pretty sure mostly everybody at drinking age gets drunk on new years well a most/half of the people I know at least.

Im glad they moved up the drinking age in our country :stuck_out_tongue: It was 16 here so everytime I visited a bar there where all children… Thats annoying haha from 1 January it will be 18 

When I actually had Facebook, I sat there hours before my scheduled New Year’s going, “HAPPY NEW YEARS NEW ZEALAND! HAPPY NEW YEARS AUSTRALIA! HAPPY NEW YEARS JAPAN! HAPPY NEW YEARS GREAT BRITAIN!”

but no one liked my statuses. so. yeah.

Happy New Years everyone, in case I can’t get on. Haha. ^^ 

In Quebec we’ve got this humoristic show called ‘‘Bye-Bye (2013)’’ in witch they make funny sketches about the things that happened this year.  

That sounds really awesome!

It is indeed !

Wait a sec ur New Year is later than mine right? I mean with the OM im always 6 hours ahead of u so remember that when its 6pm with u im celebrating nye

Hmm my new years was a while ago (6 days almost 7) so im a little late XD

Lol yeah Thats a bit late