Sure we’ve all been affected by them in PvP.  What’s the easiest way to tell if you’re dealing with one of them?

All S ranks. Egg onlies. Sometimes unreleased like kami and the sort

All S and egg onlies don’t mean someone is a hacker, just sayin’.

I fit this category & I am not hacker. But most hackers will also fit this category.

Now it’s getting harder to tell the difference between the actual hackers and those who earned it.

Generally, all S rank egg-only teams are hackers. As was stated, you can’t be sure. Some legitimate players also fit this category. But the code knows who hacked and will ban them appropriately.

And that’s where the update is for :smiley: I hope we can say goodbye to them very soon!

By hackers do you mean egg timers or are they doing something else to get their monsters?

Hackers do not equal Egg Timers

Hackers all use the same file with everything unlocked (excluding the unreleased)  

Egg Timers just timed the eggs, through an unfortunate set of circumstances that was made to be abusable.

Wow you have kami already holy shoot! I only have 15,000 i think gems because tbh pvp is a luttle boring to me, im bot that avid on it