Guide for quickly (kinda...) leveling up

First of all you want to go to Deucalis. Then go south 3 steps and finally go one step left, and you should be on the coast. 

I’m sure most of you already know this place but i want to give you my advice about your line-up and what’s the best and quickest strategy to take down the horde of Biteschools you will face every time.

My ideal line-up is:

  • An Arkadion with a Chain Attack that costs 100 TUs like Raijin, Inferneo and the final forms of the 4 starters

  • An Arkadion with Haste 

  • The Arkadion you want to level up

And here is why:

When the fight starts you’ll be the first to attack pretty much every time (correct me if i’m wrong) and the Arkadion with Haste should be the first, followed by Raijin, then your third Arkadion and the 3 Biteschools.

Use Haste and then Chain Spark until you have killed everything in front of you, while your 3rd monster can use one of its attacks to kill a few of them. They won’t even hit you.

Repeat as needed.

What do you do if you can’t use Haste as your very first move? No worries, just skip Raijin’s attack and then use Haste. You’ll get hit one or two times and then you’ll be ready to annihilate everything as usual.

Also, by doing this you’ll be able to summon your First Ones every 2-3 battles so take advantage of that and use them, and this way they will increase their grades pretty quickly.

Notice that you’ll get a lot of silver too. And how do you spend all of this silver? On level’s boosters, of course!

List of Arkadions with Haste (that i know of):

[spoiler]- Sanders and Sentucky (N. 23, n. 24)

  • Bluechick and  Bluetail (N. 27, N. 28)

  • Breezekite (N. 39)

  • Fang, Lobo and Remus (N. 43, N. 44, N. 45)

  • Squirehawk and Knighthawk (N. 56, N. 57)

  • Smokepup, Firewolf and Beowolf (N. 59, N.60, N. 71)

  • Flamewing and Blazewing (N. 108, N. 109)

  • Pterosoar (N. 111)

  • Halocat and Halopard (N. 143, N. 144)

  • Sanctolamb (N. 161)

  • Raioh (N. 163)

  • Skywolf (N. 190)

  • Gremknight (N. 191)

  • Angeleon (N. 194)

  • Greenking (N. 218)

  • Birdy and Archeonis (N. 231, N. 232)[/spoiler]

If you know of other Chain Attacks that cost 100TUs or if you have suggestions, corrections or anything you want to point out, please let me know, and i’ll go ahead and edit all the mistakes to make this a better guide.

Arkadion with haste that always goes before Raijin: Angelon. It’s what I use and recommend. I’m sure others would work as well, though. 

As soon as the Arkadion with Haste gets to 99 i change it to get the 30 lv.99 Arkadions needed for the quest. But i agree, if you want to stick with just one then Angeleon is the best one

Beautiful guide, thanks!

glazio has chain ice, 100 TU

Thanks a lot!

sad thng is that my glazio is too fast for my angelon

I’d recommend just going to Rejin Island, and farming the spot to the left of the town…600 silver per fight and you can summon first ones (if you really need to…). Just use any level 99 with a move that hits all three enemies. You’ll fight Remus, Prometheo, Beowolf, and Nightmare. Takes 1.5 hours on average for me to get a new ark to lv 99

Thx this really helped. I think twigsters chain plant has a TU of 100 but not sure . Works for this tactic though.

This is indeed one of the best ways off training :smiley:

Helped me out a lot! Great for newer players (like me).