A step closer to necrodrake!!!

So I was on the train training my arks to lvl 99 and it’s difficult sometimes because once that ark that you’re training dies you have to go all the way back to town to heal them to then go back and train again until they die. So I’m there in crescent island training across the southwestern coast where there are literally armies of bite schools and I just figured out that if you have a lvl 99 angelon and a lvl 99 raijin you could just speed raijin up with angelon’s haste and that way he stays attacking the bite schools and they never get a chance to hit you so you could just keep lvl’n and not have to worry about going back to town when the ark you’re lvl’n dies. Well I hope this helps anyone working on getting necrodrake as I’m doing the same and it’s helping me.

Good Strategy :slight_smile: i did not think of this before! 

I don’t have a Raijin but Inferneo’s Chain Dark (62 TU hastened) works too.

Before that, I used Vulcaraptor which could hasten itself but may let the fishes bite sometimes.

Basically, the strategy works as long as you have a hit-all/chain move that costs less than 81 TU (max 130 TU before Haste).

Yes sir exactly!!!

Any of the starters have a 100 TU chain attack and when hasted will also achieve the same effect. I typically use Angelon and a starter (and the third I want levelled).

I don’t believe so but don’t hold me to that!!! I’ll find out for sure!!!

Good strategy!!! I never came up with this but I just brute strength through them haha

i must say this: this is genius!! plain brilliant!! :smiley:

Soryy for asking but what mesns bite school?

Lol thanks man!!! I was having a hard time trying to lvl up my guys until I found this method. Now it’s a breeze!!!

It’s an ark in the game!!! It evolves from bitefish

Nice idea!
Would guardian have the same effect?

Well no guardian would not have the same effect because although you’re using guardian one of your arks will always get hit and if the biteschools are not being generous they’ll attack th whole party which is what you’re trying to prevent.