Need more story, a long long story. Also please make it easier to get mana potion to keep us playing this game.
It’s okay if soul stone is hard to get, but please let us play this game from time to time by giving us mana potion or make something we can do to get those potion when our mana is 0. PvP indeed doesn’t need mana but it’s hard to win if we don’t have enough gold or ingredients for upgrading. High level character or weapon is one of the key to win imo.

You should get quite a lot of mana potions from missions, events and you get one every time you level up. Events are the main content for players, with PvP to pass time and go for glory.

Soul stones are gained from events and you’ll get lots from login rewards too. Stick with the game and you’ll see your soul stones accumulate nicely with time. Good luck getting SSR characters!

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What do you mean by missions? Offline story or Online story? Can i get mana potion by re playing the act that i have finished?

By “missions” I mean those story battles. You get rewards for the first time you complete them. You won’t get mana potions for repeating them.

I’ve completed all those story battle, then what should i do to get those potions instead using soul stone/ Events?

I’ve finished the Offline story, so i came back there to catch some rare monsters but i don’t see the bush swaying, bruh i already waiting for those bush to sway zzz. I hope you can help me with this problems.

You’ll get more mana potions from events. Mostly you just have to wait for mana to come back with time.

As for going back to get rare monsters it should be possible (I went to check after reading your post - I see the bushes shaking). Only certain grassy areas have shaking bushes with the rarer monsters.

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Btw, how to get a character like High Lancer and Baltu Merc again? Some player really need to awakens those characters.

Je voulais simplement vous faire part de ma deception concernant le fonctionnement de l’histoire ou faut avancer avec des potions de mana j avais apprecier fortement l’histoire et ces personnages mais devant etre dependant de potions pour avancer dans l’histoire et me laissant pas trop de choix de sacrifier les evenements pour avancer dans l’histoire et se malgrer l’argent que j ai depenser je vais simplement arreter la et passer a un autre jeu.
Dommage c’etait un tres bon jeu.