Gryph GT is BROKEN!!

So gryphking give turn mortar is broken,
Im surprised no one has posted about it,
Since it’s a mortar move, GT can be given to a TT infinitely.
With botanic it becomes really unstoppable, add in geo with absorber and your whole team will be ripped apart !!

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD I hope you guys can do something about it :slight_smile:

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Unown got me with it it was painful to watch :triumph:

I posted about it a while ago, never got a reaction from devs.

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@Dev_VKC. @Dev_BRD hope you guys listening …

@Lucrayzor you should make a pinned thread with links to all of your “Can We Talk About…” threads

People moaning about it but haven’t mentioned a solution? Guess we should just strip gryphking of that move then. No more broken than legend team turn but they don’t need a nerf but gryphking does?

Doing something about it means, mortar GT should have restrictions like normal gt epics, SE’s & legends have.

The problem is that it goes back to when TTs were chainable.

Back then people would literally just use shadowyrm ultradusk 16 times. Gryphking goes back to that.

I don’t see anyway of changing gryphking without making him useless. He has to charge as it is so is no faster than a normal give turn. Yea he can charge and then you can give turn back to gryphking but if you alter that or make it 5 time use then you massively ruin him when he has to charge to do any other of his moves

All I’m saying is, GT to TT dosent happen now,
Why mortar gt should be an exception.
Rest stays same

Because you get 2 turns not 4 and if your giving turn back to gryphking then your actually only getting one give turn to a sweeper just at a faster

Gryphking load
Aegis Give turn to gryphking
Gryphking give turn to a sweeper and aegis
Sweeper attacks
Aegis purify
Gryphking reload
Aegis give turn to gryphking and so on.

Your still only getting one attack with a sweeper for roughly 50tu and that’s hoping you don’t lose aegis. Yea he has instant reload but if your being restricted to load before you can do anything then there moves should be good seeing as you can’t even attack for 1damage if uncharged you are forced to load

with botanic it becomes unstoppable for a moment,
Replace aegis with it,
It becomes a faster GT ,
By time you remove aegis, will it be enough time , and if the sweeper is bb, Dolph, raizen, geo,
I don’t think you can survive that,
Hell if fox is there , your looking at 8-10 monsters dead in a moment,

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Unown is the only person I have ever seen run botanic and gryphking as They are both massively uncommon. Gryphking is great and his give turn is very strong but I genuinely feel that making it so you can’t give turn to him when he is forced to load will make a big difference to him when loading at 130tu (unpotted and unaccelerated) is still a big limitation

I know unown bro uses that,
But it’s not the legit reason that most majority dosent have that setup so it should be overlooked,
In the end mortar makes it unique but it falls under GT category .

I don’t see restricting it from gt to TT will make gryphking useless,
It’s super OP atm, restrictions will render it but will not make it a waste imo. :slight_smile:

Zhulong is broken too, but I don’t see Devs want to talk about it either.

Jackal is what’s broken. Sleep and stun immune in a super epic with his moveset is to much.

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I did propose a solution. Treat Gryph like a TT and lock GT mortar if there’s a TT. He gives 4 effing turns, so he needs to WORK for it.

The problem yet again is the TT there not gryphking.

I’m guilty of both of these sins. Sorry luc and monkey :joy: It’s very limited, gryph and botanic already take 2 spaces. I need 1 for absorber so that’s 3. Whatever the sweeper is, they’re very limited too, bunker works best because of he’s a mortar sweeper with dual kb. I’ve tried lots of different monsters but nothing really works except for bunker. Deo, regalion, one on one, zhu azra, normal “cannibalise dr” and many other setups destroy that fl. only needs to lose one in fl and the flow is gone and can’t do much. That combo is very uncommon too. But sure, lock the tt restriction.


Locking give turn when a team turn is on the field is a much better idea than making it so you can’t give turn to gryphking. I run gryphking next to aegis and no one I have played has ever said to me that it’s a problem when I give turn to sweeper and aegis then purify aegis reload gryphking and give turn back to him

Gryphking shouldn’t be able to give turn to tt or himself ( don’t know if he can or not) but other monsters should be able to give turn to gryphking as you can give turn to grovo, give turn monsters or frostmoroz. It’s a strong combo that unown uses but it takes only one regalion or robin to shut it down.